BlackFin Tech weekly | July 26th 2019

Romain Grimal
Jul 26, 2019 · 2 min read

Hi everyone,

Another heatwave went by, sweeping through Europe and, amidst the thirst and desolation, good news dropped from an unlikely corner: rating agencies seem to start taking into account climate change risk seriously.

That means we can all move on to doing the thing we love to be doing in August: blowing steam off, reading books, kite-surfing, thinking about long-term strategies or simply, like our good friend Homer below, relaxing.

Our current state of mind :)

BUT! Before everyone takes a well-deserved break, please find below our weekly digest of this week’s fintech fundraisings in Europe. Not the week with most funding but there are still teams out there that deserve our praise for reaching their new milestone. You’ll be pleased (oh I know you are, admit it) to know that wealth management and regtech topped the charts with 3 deals each (out of 10 in total)!

And without further ado, please give it up to Fenergo, Atom Bank, Finizens Design, Payconic, Enmacc,, VertoFX, Genie AI, enerfip and 9fin ! Congrats guys!

Made with ❤ by BlackFIn Tech

This week, we wanted to shed light more specifically on :

  • Enmacc, which is an OTC platform for energy trading. Founded in 2016, this German startup claims to have +200 customers and a 200% YoY growth rate in 2018. It just raised a €7m Series A from Piton Capital, Illuminate Financial and Cherry Ventures to expand on an European scale.
  • Blockpit, which aims to facilitate tax filing for holders of crypto assets, tax consultants, banks and regulators. This Austrian regtech was launched in 2017 and just raised a €2.5m seed from European Super Angels Club to compete withother providers like cryptio or Waltio.

All right, hoping you didn’t start dozing off with all this on your way to the beach, allow me to wish you all an amazing (and relaxing) summer break. We’ll be back in September.

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Cheers from the BlackFin Tech team everyone!

Enjoy your summer everyone, take care!

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Romain Grimal

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BlackFin Tech

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