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BlackFin Tech weekly | Oct.8th, 2018

A review of the fintech/insurtech/regtech deals, in Europe, week by week. Hola finserv’ geeks! October is one of the most intense month in terms of sourcing events for VCs, which will lead for sure to many other new deals then! As a matter of fact, our team has been at Fintech+ in Switzerland, South Summit in Spain and Insurtech Connect in Las Vegas this week (love my job!). We found time to wrap up the deals of the week though, and it’s worth it because October has started with a tremendous batch of fintech / insurtech / regtech startups announcing their fundraising rounds in Europe.

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Few comments on these deals & trends:

  • Insurtech is clearly on the rise with 2 deals this week, including Hokodo, a UK-based embedded insurance into the invoicing process. The biggest round of the week is Simplesurance’s late stage round, no need to introduce their activity. For sure, it was the insurtech week :) and as a matter of fact, our Meetup insurtech assurtech Paris hosted almost 90 insurtech freaks from most of the French Insurance and Reinsurance companies, alongside with experts, entrepreneurs, students and VCs. Join us for te next one!
  • Another B2B neobank for freelancers juste raised, congrats Kontist, this space is definitely going more and more crowded with no clear differenciation in the product, let’s see where will it lead us!
  • A new KYC tool raised in the UK, Arachnys (spooky name, right?). Have you read this article about KYC stakes and value chain? To be fair, at BlackFin, we are in fond of this space which still embodies a huge pain into the onboarding processes for both incumbents and fintech players!
  • An interesting new b of the week is the Paris-based ACinq enhancing bitcoin exchanges. It is backed by Serena and a batch of top-notch BAs such as Bertrand Diard (Talend, Influans). Very curious about this one’s future.
  • Last but not least, about the national ecosystems in Europe, you’ve all seen that UK has been the first playground in terms of number of deals last weeks, but France (2 seeds!) and Germany (the biggest deal of the week with Simplesurance) seem to fight hard to climb up on the top of the podium.

Congrats to all these 6 ambitious fintech / insurtech / regtech teams for achieving such significant milestones!

** We forgot a deal ? tell us more about it! **

Stay tuned for next BFtW edition, every Monday ;)



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