BlackFin Tech Weekly — October 14th, 2019

Gabrielle Thomas
Oct 11 · 3 min read

Perhaps this week has been the backlash of the rainy days coming back. As a matter of fact, even if the atmosphere has not been as hot as usual, at least 90 million € have been raised (and there we do not take into account the Series A raised by Moorgate Benchmarks — as there was no amount disclosed).

As far as payment was concerned (more than 50% of the deals), the French Tech has been particularly well represented, with 4 startups developing inspiring tech dealing with crypto, loyalty, remittance and shared payment solutions. “Champions du monde!” Obviously, UK is not that far behind with 2 deals, ex aequo with Italy, which leads to an unprecedented podium within the Fintech race: France, UK/Italy. Where are the Germans? Spain? the Nordics (Ok, 1m€ for Enterpay, fair enough)? Switzerland? anyone?

So now, let’s have a look at our new fresh weekly list:

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This week, we’d like to put the spotlight on 3 deals:

  • Tide: the British neobank totally dedicated to SMEs, freelancers and sole traders closed an impressive Series B round, convincing Augmentum Fintech and the Japanese group SBI. The startup, which signed up 100.000 users, competes with awesome other competitors dedicated to SMEs; such as the French Qonto and its 50.000 users, the German Penta or the Finnish Holvi.
  • Acinq: the French startup, created in 2014, is working on bitcoin scalability, thus creating products to help accelerate transactions on this cryptocurrency. They built a lightning network, which is an open payment network that brings VISA-scale scalability to Bitcoin, offering unlimited instant payments with very low fees, keeping the same valuable characteristics of this crypto. With a €7m Series A round, Idinvest and Bpifrance now closed their 1st deal in crypto.
  • And to be fair, to the 20 million Series B of Casavo, an Italian proptech which launched an ‘instant buyer’ online marketplace, we can also add a 30 million amount raised in debt capital.

Congrats also Monisnap & ShareGroop, backed by the Paris-based fund Truffle Capital & to Moorgate Benchmarks, Enterpay, Matipay and Transaction Connect!

And what else happened at BlackFin Tech this week?

//You must have seen us at inspirational events such as Bpifrance Inno Generation where our Partner Paul Mizrahi was a speaker and InsurTech Rising at Station F, where you may have seen Maxime on stage.

//This Friday, we also received Céline Lazorthes and Valentine de Lasteyrie who came to talk to us about the SISTA initiative: did you know that women startup executives now raise only about 2% of total global VC funds? In order to bridge these inequalities, the SISTA collective drafted Charter 25 in partnership with many stakeholders of the tech industry (VCs, founders) & with the Conseil National du Numérique, in order to reach 25% of women entrepreneurs financed by venture capital by 2025.

If you wish to stay updated on the latest fintech fundraisings in Europe, click here! — & for more info about our funds click here!

BlackFin Tech

Thoughts and ideas on all things fintech & insurtech. Managed by BlackFin Tech, a € 180m independent European Fintech VC and its team

Gabrielle Thomas

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BlackFin Tech

Thoughts and ideas on all things fintech & insurtech. Managed by BlackFin Tech, a € 180m independent European Fintech VC and its team

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