BlackFin Tech weekly | September 9th 2019

Romain Grimal
Sep 9, 2019 · 3 min read

So… Things are now back to normal and late summer deals are still popping up across the entire European ecosystem!

But first things first (and please forgive our “me” moment), we are delighted to announce our latest investment in Agicap, a French cashflow forecasting tool for SMEs. You can watch them on BFM Business here or read our article to learn more about them.

Back to the wider ecosystem, Boris might be in trouble with his type of Brexit but UK startups are still the darling of EU fintech fundraisings! They are (once again, you might say) leading the pack regarding the number of fundraisings last week in Europe, with 4 deals totaling more than €35m. Aside from that, four other countries France, Spain, Sweden, and Slovenia were also represented this week.

Sector-wise, Banktech & Payments are still dearly exciting investors and generated 8 deals out of 9.

And without further ado, here is our Fintech list for last week :

Made with ❤ by BlackFin Tech

Did you notice the crypto & blockchain deals? It seems like the topic keeps on attracting more and more attention these days. Let’s deep dive a bit on these rounds :

  • Elliptic, a UK blockchain forensics startup, raised $23m in Series B. Elliptic aims at preventing and detecting criminal activity on the bitcoin and ethereum blockchains, and provide actionable intelligence to financial institutions and law enforcement agencies. The funding round was led by Tokyo-based financial institution SBI Holdings and will help the startup grow in Asia, especially in Singapore & Japan. The topic of compliance and anti-money laundering is highly important in the crypto world : It’s a key driver that will enable financial institutions to get involved. Solutions such as Elliptic are here to solve this barrier of entry!
  • The Crypto platform Eligma secured €4m in funding this week. Eligma has developed Elipay, a unique infrastructure for merchants to accept crypto-payments instantly in Point of Sale (POS). More than 430 locations are now equipped with the solution, which enables merchants to receive thanks to Elipay a crypto payment in fiat money instantly (ie: state-backed money like euro or dollar). Eligma attempts to build the bridge between traditional finance and the crypto world, congrats for this!

We also would like to give a big round of applause to Railsbank, Capcito, Yielders, Upflow, Coinscrap and Whitehall Finance!


That’s all for this week guys !

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Romain Grimal

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VC @ BlackFin Tech, looking to support ambitious #fintech & #insurtech entrepreneurs seeking to become European champions (and beyond)!

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