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Co-leading Mooncard’s Series B: let’s reach for the stars!

A never ending problem for companies…

As employees, we all know how managing our corporate expenses requires time and energy. Without speaking about the stress it generates when you lose your invoice…

In France, 650,000 companies are dealing daily with corporate expense management — which represents 2.5m employees occasionally fighting against such a pain point.

That was precisely the idea Tristan Leteurtre and Damien Metzger had in mind when they created Mooncard in 2016. Thanks to partnerships with Visa and Allianz, the startup offers a range of 3 credit cards for employees of corporate customers, as well as software to manage and customize the maximum spend per card, type of expense, and time of the week they can be used. In the end, Mooncard enables CFOs to save time and money, while freeing employees from administrative tasks.

Mooncard offers corporate expense solutions to all types of enterprises

Its corporate payment solutions target all kinds (and sizes !) of enterprises: from big corporates to SMEs, from startups to public organizations. More than 3000 French companies are currently using it (e.g. Air France, Cora, Cityscoot, Mirakl, Odigo, Groupe Poisson, Vinci, Zadig & Voltaire) while 350 certified public accountants are advising it to their clients. Through a national public partnership, 500 French public organizations also use Mooncard in order to make their employees’ life easier!

What’s important is that, as innovative as Mooncard corporate payment solution is, it is used by traditional companies — not only by startups. The company’s metrics tend to prove how healthy its business is: since 2019, Mooncard has seen its turnover multiplied by ten, while creating long-term stickiness among its customers — with a very low churn.

Last but not least: thanks to its partnership with Flying Blue, Mooncard is the only fintech that enables its users to gain miles by paying with their corporate card!

20M€ to conquer Europe

For all these reasons, today we’re glad of co-leading Mooncard’s Series B with Partech Partners, alongside existing investors Raise Ventures and Aglaé Ventures. This fundraising will enable Mooncard to export its solution to 5 European countries in the coming 12 months. Management team also plans to hire 100 people by the end of 2022. Efforts are going to be put in R&D in order to maintain a cutting-edge product that enables companies to save time and focus on their core business.

At BlackFin, we are particularly impressed by what the company has achieved in 5 years, and deeply convinced by where Tristan, Damien, Pierre-Yves and their team want to go. To the moon and beyond!



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