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Congrats to Memo Bank for its €13m extension round!

A few months after we led its €20m Series A, Memo Bank raises €13m with Serena Capital.

What happened in the meantime?

  • First, Memo obtained its banking license from ACPR and European Central Bank, which enables it to be fully autonomous and provide its customers with all banking products. As founder Jean-Daniel Guyot says, Memo is not a challenger bank nor a fintech!
  • Memo launched its product in October and have been enrolling its customers — mainly enterprises with a turnover exceeding €2m — from then on.
The team’s #1 ambition is to serve SMEs

What’s interesting about Memo Bank’s traction is that once adopted by its customers, it quickly becomes their main bank, i.e. the bank through which most of their transactions transits.

For three years now, Memo Bank has been working hard in order to bring SMEs the best of two words:

  • by providing them with cutting edge products, like the opportunity to create virtual IBAN or accounts in real time
  • by offering SMEs products only banks are allowed to deliver: whether it is long time credit, overdraft or even financial products that enable them to acquire other enterprises or finance their buyout strategy

We’re more than happy to welcome Serena Capital onboard! Long live Memo Bank!




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