From Seed to $100m Series B: Agicap’s incredible journey

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3 min readMay 27, 2021


In less than 2 years, Agicap has raised a total of $121m, and successfully expanded its activities to Europe. Today, we’re very proud of backing again Agicap through its Series B led by Greenoaks Capital.

Agicap’s fast growing team

From a Lyon-based startup to one of the most promising fintech SaaS in Europe

Back in times, when we led Agicap’s Seed round in 2019, the sizing of the company had nothing to do with what it is today… 8 employees in a small office in Lyon, dozens of customers and a crazy ambition.

At that time, we conducted a dozen of reference calls with Agicap’s clients and prospects in order to better understand the value proposition of their solution. Two things struck us: how simple to use their tools were according to Agicap’s clients, and how central these tools had become in their everyday work routine.

Less than 2 years after, Agicap is now a European leader among the Fintech SaaS for SMEs, with thousands of customers, 200 FTEs across 5 offices (Lyon, Berlin, Amsterdam, Barcelona & Milan) and a revenue multiplied by 10 in the last 18 months.

A compass that helps CEOs to sleep at night

Compared to what we wrote almost two year ago when we first invested in Agicap, the product has not changed much. Its cloud-based cash forecasting solution still relies on 3 main pillars:

· Extracting data from various sources

· Making scenarios analyzing data to draw relevant forecasts

· Getting actionable insights and planning ahead strategical moves

The solution is a must have for entrepreneurs who want to feel confident about their financial forecasts. Thanks to the modeling tools powered by Agicap, CFOs can get their financing in one place and are now better able to anticipate what’s to come.

Several thousands of companies coming from sectors as diverse as fashion (Café Coton), HR tools (Lucca) or cosmetics (Merci Handy) now use the SaaS platform for real-time cash flow forecasting. Other companies include consulting firms, restaurants, hotels, local retailers, or even craftsmen.

What about Covid-19?

Agicap’s solution helped many companies affected by the pandemic ; at the beginning of the crisis, the team gathered a community of CEOs, CFOs and entrepreneurs facing the same challenges through a dedicated platform called ‘Cash is King’. One week after the beginning of March lockdown in France, Agicap proved its agility by organizing a webinar with 800 people attending. Cash is King also provides SMEs with some resourceful content in order to cope with a unique situation, as well as webinars, tools and practical advices.

European SaaS Fintech’s biggest fundraising

The Series B is led by Greenoaks Capital, a leading West Coast investor that has backed sucessful SaaS enterprises as Deliveroo, Robinhood, Gorillas, Airtable, or Discord. This happens only one year after closing a $18 million Series A.

Want to be part of this incredible journey? It’s possible — Agicap intends to grow its global headcount as it opens more and more countries in Europe. So take your chance, join visionary founders Sébastien, Clément, Lucas and their talentful employees!

Congratulations to the whole team, we’re very impressed by what you achieved in such a small period of time! And still convinced that if Cash is King, Agicap is Ace!



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