Guess who is among the most active VCs in the European Fintech sector?

Open innovation consultancy Finnovating just released its report on FinTech Investment for Q1 2019 in Europe. And guess who is among the most active VCs in Fintech in Europe?

source : Finnovating

We are really proud to be ranked #2 among the top fintech investors alongside with Index Ventures thanks to our three investments in Viabill, Pretto and Descartes Underwriting. We are ranked , following (Raisin, Lunchr, Alan, Geophy).

If you want to learn more about the amazing startups we recently invested in:

- Viabill is bringing a new payment solution and conversion tool to e-retailers.

- Pretto is a game-changer in the mortgage brokerage market.

- Descartes Underwriting is building a new generation of tech-driven insurance.

Finnovating’s report is also full of insights on the European Fintech Ecosystem, with a focus on Spain (where Finnovating is based). For instance, did you know that, in the first three months of 2019, Spanish Fintech startups received more investments than their Swedish and Dutch counterparts, being in fifth place? Obviously, the UK, Germany and France still lead the way.

In total, European Fintech startups raised 2,322 billion euros, with UK neobank OakNorth Bank being, by far, the largest round of funding (389 million euros) of this quarter. N26, in Germany, is second, with 260 million euros raised. Spain’s biggest investment during this period was Pagantis (online consumer loan), with 66 million euros raised.

You want to read more? You can download the report here.

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