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May 28 · 6 min read

All year long, our team travels across Europe to find new investment opportunities and deepen our relationships with local partners. There is no routine: one day it’s a startup pitch in Madrid, the next day a Fintech conference in Amsterdam, and the week after a meeting with co-investors or one of our venture partners in Germany… but there are a few recurring events we wouldn’t miss for anything.

Here is our list of the top events in Europe for the Fintech, Insurtech community… and that’s also where you’re sure to run into someone from BlackFin Tech 😉


source: La revue du digital

Yes, one of the key events for the European fintech ecosystem is held in Paris, and it’s Paris Fintech Forum. Each January, the former floor of the French Stock Market Exchange becomes THE place to network with startups, corporate and VCs in fond of fintech. But it doesn’t stop there: in the evening, many side events are also organized in the city.

Pro tip from Gabrielle Thomas: “Must-do event in the list for financial services. If you plan to be on stage be sure to send your CEO 😉”


source: Finovate.com

In London, Finovate Europe mostly targets mature startups looking to establish long-term partnerships with corporates, through a 2-day long high-level conference. With 1200+ attendees, everything is geared towards initiating connections between entrepreneurs and larger companies.

Pro tip from Julien Creuzé: “Be prepared: Finovate Europe is a marathon, but it’s efficient: you will see fewer panels and keynotes, the organizers prefer to focus on actual use cases, pitch and demos.



Madrid’s fintech community gathers every quarter to listen and challenge fintech entrepreneurs, within the Google Campus. Not to mention we are part of the mentoring crew, we really like the quality of the pitchs and the diversity of this ecosystem, gathering banks, insurers, angels and entrepreneurs.

Pro tip from Gabrielle Thomas : “ It’s not (yet) the most famous fintech event in Europe, but it’s really interesting to discover new fintechs there and share insights with banks and insurers about the ecosystem”


source: BankingHub

EXECfintech, which takes place each spring in Frankfurt, is a smaller-scale, almost exclusive event, focused on building communities. EXECInsurtech, its sister-event, dedicated to the Insurtech landscape, happens in late fall in Cologne. They are both go-to events for German-speaking fintech and insurtech experts.

Pro tip from Romain Grimal: “The intimate format gives you ample time for meaningful interactions. EXECFintech is a great event to see what’s bubbling in local German-speaking ecosystems.


source : https://twitter.com/RomainGrimal/status/983670851085242368

The place to be to meet the best fintech entrepreneurs every April, Fintech R:evolution is powered by our partner France Fintech. Every year, we publish together a French ecosystem mapping (get full mapping here) showing off the fintech dynamism in France. It takes places in StationF and gathers a strong fintech community.

Pro tip from Julien Creuzé: “Fintech Revolution is a great place to follow the development of the leading French fintechs such as October, Lydia, Alan, Qonto, Spendesk, Pretto or Younited and meet new generation to come!”


If you’re curious about the Italian FinTech, InsurTech, PropTech and RegTech landscape (ever heard of YOLO, Satispay, Credimi? Finleap also opened an office there!) you should go to FintechStage in Milan, each spring. It offers a perfect combination between large panels and insightful workshops, attracting people from everywhere in Italy and abroad.

Pro tip from Michele Foradori: “Fintechstage Festival is the largest Fintech event in Italy, embracing all players, from corporates to the youngest startups. Good for the startup as well as for the corporates looking to inject some innovation. It is the right channel to dive into the broader Italian fintech arena.

MONEY2020 EUROPE @ Amsterdam

source : BrightTALK

Each May in Amsterdam, the finserv community gathers at Money2020 Europe. With 70 hours of content, 350 speakers and 7 stages, it’s the biggest event in terms of insights: the best way to keep up to date with industry trends, while making valuable connections with finance professionals of all walks of life.

Pro tip from Maxime Mandin: “Money2020 Europe is quite focused on payment solutions, as Amsterdam is by far the European hub in this field, thanks to the success of Adyen and the presence in the Netherlands of many European HQ of tech companies, like Uber, Netflix or Booking.”


source: digitalinsurance.com

You’re focused on Insurtech? In June, go to Digital Insurance Agenda (aka DIA), in Amsterdam, for three days dedicated to the future of insurance. On the main stage, 50+ insurtech startups have 8 minutes each to convince the audience. Slides are strictly forbidden.

Pro tip from Maxime Mandin: “The « show and tell » format makes a huge difference: it enables the audience to get a lot of insights and inspiration in a very efficient way.”



4 times a year, we gathers insurers, insurance experts, insurtech entrepreneurs and investors during a Meetup dedicated to Insurtech stakes. We coorganized the 1st one related to IoT/insurance product distribution with Luko protect, Extradrive, HealthyHealth and Altima. The 2nd one set in Schoolab presented Parametrics Insurance stakes, with Moonshot Internet and Fizzy. Last one took place NUMA Paris and dealt with AI and Claim management with Friss, Zelros AI and OWI. The next one will be about Cyber Insurance ;)

Pro tip from Gabrielle Thomas: “500 Paris-based professionals are part of this thriving community, it’s a good place to challenge innovative ideas with real actuary knowhow and various experiences from insurers, as well as to network with insurance geeks, join us!”


Look out for us also at MPE Berlin, Copenhagen Fintech Week, Fin&Tech Summit in Bordeaux, Paris’ FIN&TECH community events, Madrid’s Fintech Unconference, Paris Blockchain Summit, Normandy Fintech, and even at Insurtech Connect in Las Vegas.

Did we forget an unmissable event? Don’t hesitate to send your tips!

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Thoughts and ideas on all things fintech, insurtech & regtech. Managed by BlackFin Tech, a € 180m independent European Fintech VC and its team