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Our top events list (2/2): Generalist events

Recently, we told you about our favorite Fintech and Insurtech-focused events in Europe. But we also like to attend more generalist tech conferences and festivals to meet with other VCs, discover and meet fintech (and non) entrepreneurs or connect with accelerators, incubators or corporates from all over the world.

Here is our list of the top six tech events in Europe… and that’s also where you’re sure to run into someone from BlackFin Tech team.


4YFN @ Barcelona

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In parallel Mobile World Congress runs 4YFN (“4 years from now”), a small-size event, entirely dedicated to the startup community. It benefits from all the crowd gathered in Barcelona for MWC (the largest mobile event in the world), but remains more chilled and relevant for those looking for the next unicorn.

Pro tip from Gabrielle Thomas: “At 4YFN, startups are still at an early stage, but they are well prepared and the quality of the selection is amazing ; moreover, there are many qualified side-events to discuss about the ecosystem with Spanish VCs and discover new startups.”


TNW @ Amsterdam

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In Amsterdam, TNW Conference, organized by the media company The Next Web, is a fast-growing generalist tech event, gathering entrepreneurs, VCs and corporates from all across Europe and abroad. It’s a festival-like event, with many side-events and networking opportunities, as well as an impressive lineup of speakers.

Pro tip from Michele Foradori: “As the Financial Times recently acquired The Next Web, you can expect an increased interest of the conference for topics around finance, fintech and crypto-currencies in the years to come.”



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In Paris in May, Viva Technology gathers an impressive crowd of entrepreneurs, innovators, VCs and corporates. During three days (two for a BtoB audience, one for the general public), 9,000 startups and 1,900 investors from all over the world meet to discuss new trends and opportunities.

Pro tip from Julien Creuzé: “Yes, VivaTech is a lot about French corporates trying to look cool. But it’s in Paris, and it’s one of the biggest events of its kind, so you can’t miss it.“

June & October

NOAH @ Berlin & London

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Berlin in June, London in October and now March in Tel Aviv, Noah is a crossroad for European startups and the VC ecosystem. The Berlin event attract 5,000+ senior executives, leading experts and world-class investors for 2 days, while the one in London gathers 1,500 people, mostly for pre-arranged meetings.

Pro tip from Maxime Mandin : “NOAH is the perfect place to nurture your network, while gaining crucial insights into the latest innovative trends.”




Do we really need to introduce Web Summit? This annual technology conference held in Lisbon, Portugal, is considered one of the largest tech events in the world (it was even the largest, before VivaTech’s rapid growth). It gathers 70,000+ people and enables attendees to get a wide overview of the European startup scene.

Pro tip from Gabrielle Thomas : “It’s a great opportunity to reconnect with people you’ve already met before & discovering again and again Portuguese startups dynamism. To take the maximum advantage of such an event, you have to prepare (way) ahead of time. The app is perfect to organize meetings and one-to-one conversations.”


SLUSH @ Helsinki

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Slush might be the most original conference in the (small) world of tech events, with a unique setting. For sure, Helsinki, in winter, might not strike you as the most appealing place for such an event, but, well… think again as it succeeds in attracting startups and investors from all over the world each year, with many coming even all the way from Asia.

Pro tip from Michele Foradori: “Slush is a human-scale event, organized by a community of devoted students and volunteers. If you are lost in the dark, there is sure some good smiling soul to guide you to the right meeting spot. Here you’ll learn about fast forward and sometimes iconoclast topics.”

Look out for us also at South Summit in Madrid and TechChill in Riga!

Did we miss an event where we should go to? Let us know!



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