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We’re doubling down on Epsor to build the future of savings

The fintech raised a €20m funding round led by Gaia Capital Partners, with Augmentum Fintech, existing investor Partech and of course BlackFin Tech!

Epsor’s magic team

When we first met Epsor team in 2017, they immediately convinced us that employee saving and retirement plans was a huge market with quite some room for improvement. We led their Series A in 2019 and today we’re proud to see what they achieved — and eager to discover what is to come.

What has changed for Epsor since our first investment in 2019?

  • The company has grown from 4,000 employees served to 40,000+ users.
  • This ten-fold increase is all the more impressive that Covid-19 hit Europe in 2020, shaking everyone’s expectations including Head of People, C&B or HR who are usually the ones choosing and deploying Epsor in their organizations. Transitioning hundreds of employees toward a work-from-home environment stole a lot of their time. Transferring their employee savings and retirement plan was not their top priority… Despite of that, Epsor kept convincing new companies every month, proving the value of its solution.
  • With new flagship clients like Roland Berger, Bpifrance or Santander, Epsor proved that its product is perfectly meeting large enterprises’ needs. And for sure larger companies will join the hundreds of happy customers.
  • Not only does Epsor have provided the best cumulative performance over the past 4 years (thanks to its open architecture described in our initial post) but it also offers the largest Social Responsible Investment (SRI) offer on the market. Epsor wants to make the world a better place, and it seems to resonate among their users — and society in general. The fact that a fund like Gaia Capital Partners — known for backing responsible entrepreneurs with global ambitions — led this round with us shows a common interest in defending those important topics.

If something hasn’t changed since we’ve first invested, it is that Epsor’s committed team keeps on developing their products with the will to offer proper pedagogy to employees. Led by Julien Niquet and Benjamin Pedrini, Epsor is the first solution integrating a personalized and automated asset allocation and easy access to personal financial advisors.

Congratulations to the whole team and welcome to new investors onboard!




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