Crypto Market Challenges

And How to Solve Them with BlackFort

Crypto Market Challenges


The current crypto market includes hundreds of different digital coins. Some are well-known, while others are just at the beginning of their path and have not yet acquired worldwide popularity. The cryptocurrency market has been growing continuously, attracting more individuals and companies than ever before because the potential returns exceed those of traditional financial instruments many times over. A great many analysts and experts think that it will continue to evolve, so there’s no cause for concern.

Crypto remains stubbornly at the center of all our thoughts. New coins appear with great regularity, and the old ones retain their relevance and continue to attract investors. The first and most important rule of crypto is that you are in control of your funds. You can’t put your savings to the bank and forget about it. With crypto, you are responsible for storing your assets because no one will make amends. It is compensation for the free market.

The Wallet Keeps Your Funds Safe

Ever since crypto-crimes began and bad actors started using BTC and other virtual currencies to launder money, safety and privacy became a cause for concern. Many users naively believe that if they deal with crypto, they have complete anonymity, so their funds are securely protected. However, hash cash owners immediately become a target for scammers.

Phishing, cryptocurrency exchange hacks, social engineering, and even torture: perpetrators are ready to resort to anything to gain access to your precious coins. Anyone who decides to store their savings in digital currency will certainly face the question of choosing a reliable wallet that meets their basic needs.

Many crypto wallets have been developed, each differing in terms of security and usability.

Why a Client-Side Cryptocurrency Wallet Is Unique

We know from firsthand experience that buying crypto not an easy task, especially for newcomers who are just starting to use BTC and other digital assets. If you want to convert your savings into cryptocurrency or start earning digital cash, then you need to choose a reliable wallet to store it in. Digital assets do not have a material embodiment. They exist and develop on the expanse of the blockchain network, so accumulating or using them is impossible without a wallet.

Store your wallet offline with BlackFort and retain maximum safety. Have the security to restore your wallet by simply inputting your 12- or 24-digit wallet passphrase. For your extra convenience, you can buy virtual coins with your credit card when you’re on the move and want to add crypto to your portfolio.

We know what you’re thinking: buying crypto with a credit card or debit card is confusing. Luckily, BlackFort has made the process smooth and fast. You will experience any difficulties. What is more, you will soon be able to buy and sell crypto directly with your EU bank account.

BlackFort Has Made Crypto Swapping So Easy

Most people experience some troubles with crypto-to-crypto exchanges. For instance, converting BTC to XRP means signing up for an exchange platform and providing accurate information, such as a valid email address and other personal details. Many exchanges are simply trying to steal your sensitive data. Even worse, when the price of an asset is highly volatile, it attracts more speculative and short-term trading activity.

BlackFort provides a direct swap mechanism in the app. Users can seamlessly swap in the app and also have the ability to convert all their holdings directly into USDT, removing asset volatility. BlackFort’s swap service offers a more simplified and direct trading experience than traditional crypto exchanges, which appeals to both new adopters and experienced investors looking to trade tokens.

Directly swap any two coins of your choice with BlackFort! The process takes less than 30 minutes, depending on the currencies being swapped. Sounds like a trader’s paradise, right?

  • No risk of storing your funds anywhere that somebody could gain access to. Your crypto remains safe and away from any potential threats.
  • The app is completely focused on client ownership and control.
  • The private keys to your wallet are stored on your device and never leave it.
  • You can choose any other wallet and access or transfer your funds with the mnemonic phrases.
  • If you lose your mnemonic phrase, the funds secured by it will also be lost forever.
  • You have to take care of your private key. If anyone lays a hand on it without your authorization or knowledge, they will be able to claim your crypto for themselves.
private key

A key piece of this wallet is the private keys. What are they? Simply put, they are random and secret numbers or digits that link users to their coins. Think of them as a “signature” that a user gives for each transaction. The goal of the private keys is to prove that a spent transaction was, indeed, authorizes by the owner of the funds and was not forged.

Every piece of crypto has a private key. Thanks to that, it is possible to digitally sign a transaction and write it in the public ledger, effectively spending the associated crypto.

A Wide Range of Coins

The BlackFort Wallet and Exchange will initially support the following cryptocurrencies:

  • BTC
  • ETH
  • XRP
  • BXF
  • LTC
  • DASH
  • BCH
  • USDT (ERC20)
  • ERC20 Tokens

BlackFort will add more tokens in the future. It welcomes only coins or tokens that have strong credibility, user base, liquidity, positive community reviews, and management team.


Complex interfaces overload the psyche. It becomes difficult for the brain to process information. Luckily, that has nothing to do with BlackFort. It has made entering the cryptocurrency space easier than ever both for newbies and advanced users by providing an easy-start experience.

Referral Programs

Thanks to the cryptocurrency exchanges functioning online today, the most highly sought-after form of investment — that is, passive income — is finally possible through referral programs. Each platform provides various bonuses, conditions, and rewards. Most refer-a-friend-programs aim to offer a one-time bonus on sign-up with no further benefits, limiting users to the organic spread of the market with no extra enticement.

BlackFort is introducing a token economy for users to earn and benefit from spreading the wallet and referring new users for as long as they actively participate in the wallet’s products and the wider community. BlackFort’s best feature is the progressive discount on its service fees based on the number of tokens held. You can receive a discount regardless of how whether your tokens were acquired through a commission, sign-ups sale, or cashback.

Final Words

Crypto won’t make you rich today, but it might tomorrow. A quality wallet is essential to keep your digital currency safe. BlackFort will teach you how to protect your funds by choosing the right wallet and helping you avoid the most common hazards of crypto security. For more details on BlackFort, visit its official website. Don’t waste your time. Start making money in lockdown right now!



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