I woke up this morning wondering, even if it’s Monday, why we spend our time talking about Black people’s rights in America. In 2015.

Then, Twitter reminded me.

Someone sent me a link to a website - I opened it, and my reaction is “WTF MAN”. I don’t want to be rude, but I kinda have to. It’s incredible — 422 people killed by police, in 2015 so far alone.

Now, the question is: am I safe in America? I mean, this is The Police killing people — not a mad killer or some monster who came right from the telly. Protect and Serve? Protect (the whites) and Kill?

Right then, I wanted to take a step back, without mentioning the history I know from movies, songs and books. Because I ain’t a history teacher or something, I just like to label myself as a “caring person”.

Black people have always been treated like hell in American History, put in ghettoes, had their own church etc. The slavery was legal, along with all the blood and wars and murders.

Then there was the 1968. I wasn’t there, I’m only 23, but I saw a lot of pictures from those days and I do read a lot of stuff. Black people were still treated as hell.

Why? I don’t know. I think it’s because of the different skin colour, the different accent, the different culture. I believe that is wrong.

Because we all have the same heart colour, which is red, and it is beating to keep us alive, in the same way.

We can be want we want. But we don’t die in the same way, we are not arrested in the same way if we commit a crime, we are not judge in the same way, we are not mistrusted in the same way.

A television network made a list of the people killed by the police in 2014, divided in races. I look at this and think that it is wrong.

I want to change this, by learning people’s history, writing my thesis over Baltimore’s uprising and doing it looking the facts in all the way possible.

If you want to tell me your story, like in The Help – do it! It will be really helpful.

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