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Being a developer, we used to checkout the branches to and forth very often. It kills a lot of our time.

Git provides the following command to checkout the previous branch.

git checkout @{-N} ex..git checkout @{-1}

Where N — step count of the branches to move back on the checkout history.

Consider your project has following branch hierarchy and your current branch is features.

master → develop → features

So, just by typing git checkout @{-1} will take you to the develop branch.

Though it is handy, it is expensive in typing.

Let’s make it more simple and less typing.

git checkout -

is an alias for git checkout @{-1} .

Let’s make this more handy by creating some useful and meaningful aliases to save keystrokes.

alias bp='git checkout -' #bp -> branch-previous alias gco-='git checkout -' #gco- -> git check out - 

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