No JOB moments

Passion is different from Job.

The immediate question after completion of education is “Did you get the job?”. To people job is everything .According to me the one who got the job immediately after education is the most unlucky fellow and he be will in the queue of elimination.No sooner completion of education even without thinking these people asks us to do the job.They won’t let him to take his or her decisions.

1.Hiding from Relatives:

TO hide is TO reveal

This is very common seen activity in every ones life who completed their education and left with no job.The relatives find more fun in asking question like “what is your son doing now?” or “What is your daughter doing now?”,if the son of one of our relatives got job means “he will come with sweet box to home and says with proud of their son got the job “,if they stop with that means fine but they don’t after giving high on their son they ask “what your son/daughter is doing ?” .What is need of knowing what I am doing ,if i don’t will they get me the job to do .No these people are only meant to disgrace other with asking useless questions.

2. Stop attending the functions:

I miss you , THE PARTY

While studying Engineering or any higher degree and when we attend the function the people asks us what are you studying then we answer it with very proud saying what we are doing like B. tech or Master degree.But after completion of education if we do not get the job means we always hesitate to attend any kind of functions or even some parties where we attend regular we never want any one to ask us question “What are you doing now?”. Finally we turn like even hesitating to go to our neighbor house.Where ever we go “What are you doing now ?” follows you.

3. Loneliness the best friend

Do not worry shadow is your best guy

We feel very happy when we are alone than mingling with some one .Loneliness will become the next best friend to us .It is the only thing don’t ask us “What are you doing now?”. We separate he world from us when we don’t have a job.We never bother of happenings in the world.Even in the family we talk less.We are the most quiet people in the family.we feel good up to the treatment in the family don’t change but if once it starts even the house will become the most boring spot.

4. Stop asking the father for pocket money

We all know that even the world separates us the one who stands with us is our beloved mother.If anything we want we will pass bill to mother and mother will send to the father .If the father passes the bill means happy if not the world war begins.Even if our father comes opposite to us we keep our head down and keep moving with out talking .

5. Acting before our friends

be like you

We know that our situation is very tight ,but we act like we are happy and joy.No matter what happens we want to show our highness is the only objective that we have in our mind .Even if they say that they will pay the bill ,we won’t listen .but after looking into the bill you start acting again finally you will escape with out getting you found by any one.

To our surprise we stop all our likes to like by ourselves .We catch what we find.

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