Top 10 Frustration Moments of The Passionate Programmer(PP)

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Just by saying doesn’t make you the passionate programmer, you have to show the code. As we all know the bugs are identified by a cause, by the chance, & moreover by the experience. But, the FRUSTRATION can’t be identified, you have to just experience it.

This article comprises of my favorite frustration moments from where I can’t escape.

Before entering..

Origin of Idea

The idea for writing this article came when I was frustrated, lost interest in coding and started sleeping more hours of time without any reason.

It may look strange, but It was what happened. I would like to share my real experiences (situations or moments) with various people at various situations at various places whom I met intentionally and accidentally and who are directly or indirectly responsible for the mood I was been before.

How one be wrong unknowingly?

A ruled paper is not empty when you don’t write anything because there are already lines on it. Don’t make quick calls by just trusting eyes.

If you haven’t ever frustrated then you can say earth is rectangle in shape and spherical to travel.

How to identify a Frustrated Programmer?

Simple, but illogical to get logical emotions. He just appears like an ant on leaf in a water stream.

I’ll explain what that means. Though he feels like boating on the leaf in a water, he appears like trying to helping himself to come out from the water. That’s how the people look at you. The perspective varies from person to person and deeply from time to time.

Intentions can be carried but not emotions.

The following are the things I observed in myself when people think I’m frustrated.

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  1. I yell at them(any), basic fundamental right for any frustrated guy.
  2. I start answering “ I don’t know ” though I know.
  3. I’ll listen to music, tragedy tracks from English movies as they just need ears not brain.
  4. I kept myself judging the things and the people surrounded. Some may go in favor and more are ill-favored.
  5. I’ll spend most of my time with the floor, I mean lying down by facing the floor, folding one the legs to half by raising one hand to the floor and other one covering the eyes. I feel like talking to the floor. I really felt that once or twice when there is no space for new emotion in your heart or brain. Such emotions will overflow from the eyes in the liquid state. Hope you understood what I mean. I’ll be in a state of an individual quantized field simply in a vacuum and it is my favorite one.

The Moments awaited

1. Trial and Error mode of Development

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Programmers who play coding on this court should have the more patience than usual ones. Many times, I stood at the cliff of the mountain of patience, ready to fall.

People kept themselves by asking iterations over and over on the developed code. Even they don’t know whether it works or not but still they want to give a try. This is not a bad thing. However, if that doesn’t work, we have to give another try and it goes on.

They don’t listen to a programmer and want to give a try and get it as confirmed as not working. They need proofs for everything. Some times you have to believe the heart not brain.

2. New coding logic in a Legacy Module

It is just like trying to mix Oil and Water. Though they appear like a mixed solution, they are always separated. If you try hard to keep them together, initially, they start fighting for space and if you try again harder, they keep killing each other. It is not a joke. It happened to me really in virtual.

Simply, “No peace by adding a piece of code”.

3. Too many advises from too many people

Programmers are target bodies here & advice is an arrow. People keep on shooting arrows (advises) towards the target (programmers).

An ideologist and a programmer- one to one relationship is the best. Too many hands spoil the work.

There should be the sync between the persons who thinks and who code. It happens once in life with one person. In my case, I feel it as happened.

One will ask you to update and the other want to roll it back with a new update. Such things will bring the hatred feeling on the people. The programmer feel himself as an inferior. Never behave like a foreman to the programmer as it hurts. Moreover, he’ll be frustrated.

4. Don’t care term ( Programmer ) Untreated

Never ever express warm approval or admiration towards a programmer. As we can’t praise the programmer enough when he did a brilliant job.

Any programmer in a team should not be neglected. The feeling of not caring his/her thoughts could lead a programmer to write less efficient code which eventually results loss to the company and frustration to the entire team.

5. Convincing Vs Understand

When there is an argument getting fried between a programmer and other random guy then don’t ever try to convince the programmer, just make him to understand what do you mean by your thoughts.

There are people who shout loud to express themselves as right and are people who keep saying again and again to make themselves right and accepted with no choice.

This the frustrating moment when you catch someone in a lie, but they still won’t admit to it.

6. Interrupting the Flow of Development

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The moment of disturbance/interruption to the flow of development is the moment of frustration. It cost the programmers in their focus and time.

An interruption update to reverse the process which he/she has done so far. It is just like making the train to run in reverse direction.

While a programmer is working on one objective and suddenly an update comes to get rid off the changes you have done so far. It is not that simple as said, but possible which costs the programmers leisure time and patience.

7. Slow Internet-Delay in Development

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The moment when you’re building the code or running the large set of unit test cases in a slow internet and it turns out to be the oldest version which reflects you to build it again could lead to the frustration.

Some times resources of development play vital role in coding. Programmers think and his fingers write and his eyes look. It is the flow of LOC (Lines of Code). If anything gets late to happen he/she looks for reason.

I was used to code using dual monitors splitting one by four times and other by twice. One I use for coding and other one for running servers and commands running stuff, browsing like so. Luckily I use Vim. So, I can do some advanced jobs from where I code.

But now I am working in a 14-inch laptop where I have to run everything in a separate window to get the complete picture of what I am looking at and what I am for. Of course I’m looking for upgrade.

After writing the code, I have to switch to another window to compile, another window to test and another window for some other things which eventually turns me to tired, lose interest and frustrated as it is taking more hours of time to complete simple tasks.

8. Lingering for Confirmation to put idea to code

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The frustrating moment when you have proposed an idea and keep waiting for an approval to proceed. Here no one believes you, instead asks you to explain the things again and again and they’ll keep you waiting.

Neither they accept nor they don’t. It is like you are at the edge of the mountain cliff by hanging with your hand. Neither they push you down nor they pull you up. They keep you hanging and lingering till the time comes.

Time is money.

Waiting is the only hardest thing we do with no choice.

9. Loneliness & being Introvert

There are the people who like to share the things only with one person, though they move in social. They dwell deep down into the heart and stop cheering and start thinking with the heart beat of 100 when they found the only person he/she sharing was missing forever. They found themselves in an empty well filled with trash.

Nothing can replace it but only SILENCE does.

I once started coding by being in the above state. Though it is tough, it will take off your mood.

The moment of programmer where he/she is coding and suddenly felt the sound of heartbeat at higher volumes and complete silence in surroundings could make the programmer to leave the coding chair and takes to another track of coding line which results in bugs and frustration.

10. No Credits

Simple one but much considered.

The frustrating moment when you work hard and you aren’t recognized.

It is simply seems like Pain, No Gain. Always weigh the programmers work correctly. They feel it like an insult if you are giving less value to his/her work and they start their smartness at company. Never make the programmer to pretend by any chance for any cause.

Inspire and bring laugh on their (programmers) faces, they work better for best from good.

Thank you for sharing my frustration. Love to hear your moments in comments.
Don’t get frustrated by reading this :)

Happy Coding !!


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