Two Unique Ways of Piping data in Elixir

Dreaming in pipe |>

No junk, straight to code

Assume data = {:ok, [1,2,3,4,5]} and we need to pass the data to the next function. 
Do we need to write another function to do that job for this small operation? I don’t think so.

Check this…

TYPE –1 🎉

|> (fn {:ok, list} -> list end).()
|> length()

TYPE — 2 🎉

Here, instead of sending the length itself, I would like to send a message something looks like Total Images : 5 Do I again need to use inline function fn again here? I don’t think so.

Check this…

|> (& {:ok, list} -> list ).()
|> length()
|> (&"Total Images : #{&1}").()

Hope you like them. Thanks for reading…

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