Write Your Own Sigil’s — Elixir Pro Coding.

Feb 22, 2017 · 4 min read
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Sigil Overview

Sigil is a symbol or a letter which can do anything with the binary or a string that can be transformed to some complex format. You can create a magic with Sigil.

Keep your code simple and to be powerful.

Sigil Notation


Here x stands for the sigil letter.

Custom Sigils

You can build your own magical sigils of your choice. The only thing required is; you have to define functions in your module for each sigil.

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Click to Zoom — Sigil Representation

Sigil Coding

Custom Sigil Implementation
def sigil_p binary, [] && def sigil_p binary, [?u]

Sigil Usage

$ iex my_sigils.ex
iex> import MySigils
iex> ~p/user 123 delete/
iex> ~p/medium.com blackode/
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Execution Screen Shot

Sigil documentation

We can also get the docs of the particular sigil by using the help function. If you want to look out p sigil documentation then, copy above lines of code into a file called my_sigils.ex and save. Now change your directory to where the file exists. Now compile the file with docs as

$ cd /path/to/file
$ elxirc my_sigils.ex
$ iex
iex> h MySigils.sigil_p
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if worth_clapping, do: “clap”, else: nil


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