Recruiting is Brand Marketing

Is your hiring process catered to positively positioning your brand? If so, you’re conducting smart business. If not, you’re missing a real opportunity to genuinely connect with top talent and drive your employer brand. While most organizations flatly ignore “unqualified” candidates, some opt to provide a response like the one below. This approach may have worked in the past however it is no longer appropriate in a world where recruiters are marketeers.

I ask — As a candidate how would you feel if you received an email like this in response to your job application? Separately, I ask — As a business leader, does a response like this advance your employer brand?

“Thank you for your interest in — — — — — — . We have received hundreds of applications for this position. We have identified a pool of candidates whose experience is extremely well aligned with the requirements of this position and appears to be better fit than yours. We are conducting screening calls with these individuals. If we need to add more candidates to that pool we will revisit your application. In the meantime, best of luck with your future endeavors.”*

Now is the time that we as business leaders embrace the fact that talent acquisition has become brand marketing.

  • Actual company response dated: 13 Oct 2016

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