A “Quickie” Massage Will Make Your Partner’s Blood Sizzle

So what can you and your loved one do to make the bedroom heat up hotter than a habanero pepper? Keep reading.

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Let’s keep it sweet and simple: If you want to make it spicy in the bedroom you have to be creative. Many couples want to experience the same passion that they felt at the beginning of their relationships, but when you hit your forties, life gets in the way. From paying bills to keeping the home in order, let’s face it, the last thing on your mind is “getting it on.”

So what can you and your loved one do to make the bedroom heat up hotter than a habanero pepper? According to Massage & Erotic Bodywork Therapist, Jazmin Light, it all starts with a “Quickie” massage that will get you and your partner’s blood sizzling.

“Tantra, sensual and healing massages, and gentle forms of sexy adventures can keep the fire burning,” Jazmin tells us. “It doesn’t take loads of time or energy, and can also kindle an atmosphere for a beautiful love evening.”

Of course, we wanted to know more, so Jazmin put together a list for Black Ruby to give us the recipe for fire and desire.

Give Them Head & Neck (Massage)

If you want to create a night to remember, give your partner a 10-minute head, neck, and ear massage in a chair. Not only will the massage relax them, but it will also help them release tension built up throughout the day.

Give Them A Sensual Foot Massage

After a long day, help your lover relax with a sensual foot massage. During this time, allow them to enjoy your love energy and absorb the peaceful environment that you created for them.

Try the “Lazy Lovers Spooning Massage”

Even when you and your partner are too tired to make love, this is the perfect time to stay connected through touch. Get into a spooning position and gently rub them from their head to thighs and watch their nature rise. Five or ten minutes can do wonders.

Tie and Tease them with “Silk Bondage

This G-rated version of Fifty Shades of Grey is a gentle and loving way to add a little adventure to your loving space.

Wow, don’t know about you, but we can use a shower after all of this!

Remember to always have your partner’s permission to try new things, and make sure that they can trust you with their heart, body, and soul. With that knowledge, you can only expect the best in your intimate relationship.

Jazmin Light has 25 years of experience with healing and sensual massage and erotic therapy. She teaches couples how to enjoy sensuality in all of its best forms at www.sexywellness.com




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