Books Written In 2019 To Help You Transition Into 2020

This is our selection of books to add to your reading list to close out the year.

Heather Elitou
Nov 4 · 14 min read

DISCLOSURE: Please note that we are not paid for our selection. These are honest choices that come from our staff after mindful selection. However, we may use affiliate links in which we earn a commission if you make a purchase.

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At Black Ruby, we love a good read, especially those that are written by women. We are excited to reveal the following books that have come across our desk and we think are amazing reads written in the year 2019. These books are the hidden gems that have created topics of discussion for our #royalrubies and we hope that the conversation continues into the new year in our book club.

The Second Chance Supper Club by Nicole Meier

Ginny and Julia Frank are sisters that separated after a sudden tragedy caused a rift in their relationship.

Julia is the successful sister that has it made in the shade. She is a Broadcast journalist, she has an amazing fiance and she is respected by her peers, until a hasty decision destroys her reputation, and puts her job at risk.

Ginny is a simple girl with a lot going on in her life. She is the owner of a clandestine supper club hidden in the Arizona desert. Her daughter, Olive, has proven to be a handful and the last thing that she wants to deal with is her sister’s egotistical drama.

However, life is unpredictable and family always comes first. Julia and Ginny’s reunion will prove to be explosive but will they ever be able to move forward from the past and have a more compatible future? Only time will tell.

Pause 2 Praise by Lisa Swift-Young

Author, Lisa Swift-Young gives a personal and professional look into her life to help readers understand how to keep a healthy and respectful relationship with your adult children.

With the encouragement of quotes, scriptures, and real-life encounters, Praise 2 Praise will give you a helpful way to engage in discussions with your children about faith, safety, relationships, and more.

This book will help close the generational gap and create a respectful understanding of life in a new era.

But It’s Your Family… by Dr. Sherrie Campbell

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Are you dreading the holiday seasons because you have to be with family? Do you have relationships that you want to mend before the holiday? Then this is the book for you.

Family dynamics can always be complicated but their complexities take on a whole new meaning when your family relationships turn toxic. Whether you are a survivor of such a destructive upbringing or you care for someone who is, you’ll need the roadmap to recovery that provides peace of mind and understanding, which you will find in this book.

Get What You Want from Your Man by Shirley Baldwin

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Get What You Want From Your Man unlocks the secrets of the man code that women have been eager to learn for centuries. Once you learn what they want in a relationship and what makes them give their all to a woman, your relationship will never be the same!

Addressing the common issues in relationships, Shirley helps women realize that by understanding the needs of their men, changing their perception, and shifting how they act in the relationship, they have the power to create whatever they want.

Are men selfish, controlling, not helpful at home, always looking to fix a problem rather than lend emotional support, and only interested in sex and not love? If this is a question you have, then this is the book to get.

The 8th Island Trilogy Book 2: Below the Moon by Alexis Marie Chute

If you and your daughter like to read together, this is a great book to dive into.

Ella Wellsley is not your typical teenager. Cancer left her mute, but not powerless. Trapped in a parallel dimension, Ella rallies her strength to join her family — her mother, Tessa, her grandpa Archie, and her magical boyfriend, Luggie — in locating the cure to her illness. This cure is entangled in the fate of all worlds and threatened by the presence of an evil Star anchored in the sea. Caught in a web of betrayal, mistaken identities, secrets, and love triangles, Ella, Tessa, and Archie must overcome their troubled pasts to ensure a future for all worlds. On this journey — armed with unearthly abilities and unexpected allies — each member of the Wellsley family will learn the power of love in the face of their greatest fears.

Food, Feeling, and Freedom by Amber Stevens, LMT, CINHC

If you ever wondered why you find yourself eating when you’re emotional, then you are in for a treat (pun intended).

Food is a comfort and a loyal friend. It doesn’t judge or criticize. It is always there, and easily available!

Every person eats for emotional reasons at times. Sometimes it may feel that you’re spinning out of control. But there is an end, a solution.

This book will teach you strategies to overcome your cravings; help you to recognize the stress and guilt connection; guide you through the chemicals that propel you to eat, and clarify the difference between emotions and feelings and how you can release from negativity.

By learning and implementing the solutions in this book, you’re changing your relationship with your emotions and releasing your need to cope through food. You can now truly love your food, yourself, and live free and boundless!

Expecting Sunshine: A Journey of Grief, Healing and Pregnancy After Loss, 2nd by Alexis Marie Chute

After her son, Zachary dies in her arms at birth, visual artist and author Alexis Marie Chute cannot paint, write, or tap into the heart of who she used to be.

It is only when Chute learns she is pregnant again that she sets out to find healing and rediscover her identity — just in time, she hopes, to welcome her next child. During her pregnancy, Chute grapples with her strained marriage, shaken faith, and medical diagnosis, with profound results. Glowing with riveting and gorgeous prose.

Expecting Sunshine chronicles the anticipation and anxiety of expecting a baby while still grieving for the child that came before — enveloping readers with insightful observations on grief and healing, life and death, and the incredible power of a mother’s love.

Parenting Through the Eyes of Lollipops by Jacqueline Pirtle

It’s not easy raising children but this book is a fun and easy read that lets you know that you are not alone.

This book opens new doors for you to dive into parenthood with fresh zest, plenty of fun, and infinite love for yourself and your children by teaching you these 3 important pillars to better parenting:

The Harmonious Dance, It Is Never The Child, and The Love Cycle of Parenthood

No matter if you are a parent, grandparent, aunt and uncle, or just a lover of life, Parenting Through the Eyes of Lollipops will inspire you to dig deeper into the enjoyment of being alive and being a Mother or Father.

Get ready, this book will leave you with a sweet tooth that is endlessly craving well-feeling parenting and life moments every day!

Good Mothers Have Scary Thoughts by Karen Kleinman

Raising children is no easy feat. Over 90 percent of new mothers will have scary, intrusive thoughts about their babies and themselves. What if I drop him? What if I snap and hurt my baby? Get the point?

Yet for too many mothers, those thoughts remain secret, hidden away in shame that make you feel even worse. But here’s the good news: you CAN feel better!

This book is packed with world-class guidance, simple exercises, and nearly 50 stigma-busting cartoons from the viral #speakthesecret campaign that helps new moms validate their feelings, share their fears, and start feeling better. Lighthearted yet serious, Good Moms Have Scary Thoughts is the go-to resource for moms, partners, and families everywhere who need help.

Joy From Fear by Dr. Carla Marie Manly

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If you find yourself running away from fear, you’re running in the wrong direction. Fear demands that we move toward it, face it and hear its messages. When we fail to do this, the price is high―chronic anxiety, sleeplessness, damaged relationships, skyrocketing pharmaceutical use, and more.

In her enlightening book Joy from Fear, clinical psychologist Dr. Carla Marie Manly explains that fear is not the enemy we thought it was; fear, when faced with awareness, is the powerful ally and best friend we all need.

Winning Deals in Heels by Nancy Wallace-Laabs

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Nancy Wallace-Laabs keeps it straight-forward conversing with successful women who are real estate investors. No celebrity gurus or reality TV stars, these are real women who are in the trenches, doing it every day sharing the defining moments and lessons they learned on their journey to success.

If you’ve ever thought about becoming a real estate investor, chances are you will recognize some of the same feelings of doubt and exhilaration described within these fascinating, inspirational and motivating stories in this book.

Revolution of the Soul by Seane Corn

Seane is an internationally recognized yoga teacher known for her impassioned activism, unique self-expression, and inspirational style of teaching. She has a unique perspective on awakening to love through raw truth, radical healing, and conscious action, in which she shares pivotal accounts of her life in her first book Revolution of the Soul through the lens of teachings from the Yoga Sutras, Upanishads, trauma healing, and Western psychology — an Amazon bestseller in Spiritual Self-Help, Yoga and Eastern Philosophy.

From stumbling upon God in Heaven — an all-male gay sex club in New York City, channeling her OCD and repetitive behavior by breathing, discharging/rinsing years of built-up negative energy through vocal rage therapy, to working with kids who have been arrested and put through the system for being adolescent prostitutes, taking accountability and remembering to love and resist inherent racism.

Stretch Marks by Amber Trueblood

As women, we tend to wear many hats and those hats can get heavy. From running our household to keeping it professional in the office, we tend to stretch ourselves so thin that we lose sight of our own needs, interests, and dreams.

Stretch Marks offers tools and tricks that’ll allow women to uncover what they truly want and squash their anxiety and guilt. She mixes ridiculous personal stories with hard scientific data to show women not only do they deserve to be happy, but their families, careers, and the planet will benefit as well.

True HAPPINESS surfaces from WITHIN when you align your time, energy, and resources with what is most important to YOU!

Unpuzzling Spirituality by Dena Mercer and Kristin Merz

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Exploring your spirituality is a journey that can help you to figure out who you are, who you can be, how you fit into the world, and how you can make a difference in the world around you. But, understanding your spirituality can sometimes feel like you are putting together a puzzle without a picture to guide you. Unpuzzling Spirituality helps the reader put together the many spiritual puzzle-pieces to help create a big, happy, peaceful, purposeful, and loving life.

The Wrong End of the Table by Ayser Salman

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On her journey to American hood, Ayser witnesses a a risqué game of doctor at daycare, breaks one of her parents’ rules (“Thou shalt not participate as an actor in the high school musical where a male cast member rests his head in thy lap”), and trades her beloved pickled turnips for McDonald’s.

Like many other immigrants, Salman escaped oppression and learned to reconcile the traditional and the modern. Unlike many other immigrants, Salman’s Muslim-American identity has been shaped by pervasive Islamophobia, and even isolation, in a post 9–11, Trump-era landscape. To sum it all up, says Salman: “You know that feeling of being at the wrong end of the table? Like you’re at a party but all the good stuff is happening out of earshot (#FOMO)? That’s life — especially for an immigrant.”

Part memoir and part how-not-to guide, The Wrong End of the Table is everything you wanted to know about Arabs but were afraid to ask.

Light Shines in the Darkness by Lucille F. Sider

Clinical psychologist and clergywoman, Lucille F. Sider, adds her voice to the chorus of women who have shared their stories in the #MeToo and #WhyIDidntReport movement. In Light Shines in the Darkness, Sider shares her story of resilience and hope as a survivor of sexual abuse, facing the legal and spiritual challenges that are daunting. Lucille’s focus on positive mental health and spiritual practices has given her stability from major mental illness including PTSD and depression that stemmed from her sexual abuse.

If you are an adult who has suffered from the traumatic experience of sexual abuse, this book reminds you that you are not alone and there is a light that shines in the darkness.

Not Just Black and White by Dr. Anni K Reinking

Anni K. Reinking is the mother of an African-American son, but she is a white woman. So how does she teach her son about racism, police brutality, and other horrifying injustices that Black men face in America? Just like every mother, who has suffered from the thoughts of losing their son.

America is a racially divided nation. All of us are familiar with the headlines in recent years of white Americans anxiously calling police about innocent black Americans they encounter. Among the troubling news stories are incidents sparked by black young people simply napping in a dorm room, shopping for clothing, touring the campus or holding a business meeting in a coffee shop. National reporting shows that black drivers are more likely to be pulled over by police than white drivers. In some tragic cases, young African-Americans have been killed in encounters that were fueled by mistaken impressions or outright racism.

Reinking’s son must navigate in a world of bias, discrimination, and prejudice that she has not lived in but strives to understand. Millions of families share this experience in today’s racially polarized America. In this inspiring memoir, Anni shares her family’s experiences and helpful research in parenting. This is their story of growth and acceptance as a multiracial blended family.

Women: The National Geographic Image Collection by Susan Goldberg

Filled with amazing photos, this powerful collection drawn from the celebrated National Geographic archive celebrates the lives of women from around the globe, accompanied by revelatory new interviews and portraits of contemporary trailblazers including Oprah Winfrey, Nancy Pelosi, and Christiane Amanpour. #MeToo. #GirlBoss. Time’s Up.

From Silicon Valley to politics and beyond, women are reshaping our world. Now, in anticipation of the 100th anniversary of the 19th amendment, this bold and inspiring book from National Geographic mines 130 years of photography to showcase their past, their present, and their future. With 300+ stunning images from more than 50 countries, each page of this glorious book offers compelling testimony about what it means to be female, from historic suffragettes to the haunting, green-eyed “Afghan girl.” Organized around chapter themes like grit, compassion, and joy, the book features brand-new commentary from a wide swath of luminaries including Laura Bush, Gloria Allred, Roxane Gay, Melinda Gates, New Zealand prime minister Jacinda Ardern, and the founders of the #MeToo and Black Lives Matter movements. Each is accompanied by a bold new portrait, shot by acclaimed NG photographer Erika Larsen.

The No-Nonsense Home Organization Plan by Kim Jones

Just in time for the holiday season, it’s time to get organized! This book is for the busy family who wants to eliminate stress and taken their home from chaos to calm. Give your home (and yourself) space to breathe with this easy plan.

Clutter invades your personal space―and your mental space. The No-Nonsense Home Organization Plan helps you quickly and sustainably transform your home into a calm, orderly haven. The seven-week plan walks you through your residence room by room, breaking the work into small daily tasks to make the process simple. From uncluttering your closet to cleaning out your fridge, this book will help you become more organized which will make you a happier and lucky person.

The Love Prison Made and Unmade by Ebony Roberts

An intelligent, educated, and strong-minded woman shaped by a past filled with abuse and betrayal, Ebony Roberts was drawn to bad boys: men who cheated; men who verbally abused her; men who disappointed her. Fed up, she cut off her hair and swore to wait for the partner God chose for her. Then she met Shaka Senghor.

Though she struggled with the idea that this man could be the good love God wanted for her, through letters and visits, she and Shaka fell deeply in love. Following his release from prison, Shaka was embraced by Oprah Winfrey and wrote a New York Times bestselling memoir. Their lives had been transformed — the worst should have been behind them. Yet, Shaka’s release became the beginning of the end of their love story.

The Love Prison Made and Unmade is heartfelt and insightful as it reveals powerful lessons about love, sacrifice, courage, forgiveness and of living our highest principles and learning not to judge someone by their worst acts. Ultimately, it exposes the high emotional cost that American justice exacts on human lives — the partners, wives, children, and friends — beyond the prison walls.

Depression Hates a Moving Target by Nita Sweeney

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At 49 years of age, grief-stricken, chronically depressed Nita Sweeney takes up running with her dog in an attempt to find a way out of the darkness. Her memoir of pounding the roads with her canine companion will entertain and motivate any reader who has ever fallen into deep despair. Whether or not readers want to follow in her footsteps, they will enjoy reading about her journey.

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