Everything You Need To Create Your Very Own Bathroom Oasis

Your self-care begins at home.

New Year, new you! This is the mantra heard all over the world and one that people have incorporated into their new year’s resolution. While some people may commit to visiting their favorite spas, we think that you can create an amazing bathroom oasis right in your home.

From creating the perfect mood lighting to picking the perfect aromas for relaxation, we have a list of everything you need to relate, relax, and release.

DISCLOSURE: Please note that we are not paid for our selection. These are honest choices that come from our staff after mindful selection. However, we may use affiliate links in which we earn a commission if you make a purchase.

Three Sisters Apothecary French Lavander Gift Set

You deserve a calm and relaxing bath and nothing does that for you more than the scent of lavender. The Three Sisters Apothecary French Lavender set is filled with everything you need to replenish and harmonize the body and mind. This ultra-moisturizing blend of beneficial and natural ingredients combine to make skin soft and supple.


№4 Hair Shampoo

No.4 is loyal to its mission to create high-performance hair care, and delivering the best results time and time again. The Loyalty Set is no exception and features mini-sized bottles of their most popular styling products that will make your hair feel healthy and clean.


Vellabox Candle

Creating the best spa experience has to include candles, and Vellabox is an all-natural artisan candle subscription box that will keep you in a spa bliss month after month.


Gratitude Soapery

Looking good and feeling clean begins with a good lather and fresh scent. Thanks to GRATITUDE soap, the vegan-friendly suds help you wash away driness skin and dirt, leaving you to feel clean, soft and smooth.


Kopari Deodorant Mini Deo Trio Kit

Take your pits to paradise with the Kopari Mini Deo Trio Kit! These mini deodorants are as pure as a coconut because they are Aluminum-free, toxin-free, and stink-free.


Bawdy Galaxy Butt Sheet Mask Kit

For most of us, self-care time is often few and far between. Bawdy Beauty wants to make sure you take care of your backside with their Galaxy Kit that helps hydrate, detoxify and firm your booty.


Succulents Box

Adding a little plant life to your oasis can help you experience peace and serenity. Instead of huge plants, succulents from Succulent Box are easy to care for and come in various vivid colors and shapes that fit perfectly in a small space.


Muscle Soak Bath Set

After a long day, relax and unwind with the Muscle Soak Bath Set that includes their top-rated Himalayan salt bath soak and three pure essential oils to help stimulate, warm and soothe sore muscles.


Turbie Twist

Another part of relaxation is being able to sit in your favorite spot of your home, sip your tea, and tie up your tresses with a Turbie Twist so you can have the peace of mind you need to become a better you.


Baby Foot Original Foot Peel

Say goodbye to dead skin cells and cracked dry feet, and make your feet feel as smooth as a baby’s bottom.


Gaiam Relax Neck/Shoulder Wrap

Loosen and soothe tight sore muscles with the Gaiam Relax Neck & Shoulder Wrap. This soft, comfortable, reusable therapy wrap is filled with calming lavender scented rice that contours to the neck and shoulders making your muscles relax and feel relieved.


Miss Spa Bye, Bye Dry: Hydration Bundle

Thirsty and cracked winter skin calls for more than a quick application of lotion. The Miss Spa Bye, Bye Dry Hydration Bundle is perfect self-care for those who don’t have time to sneak out to the spa. These four powerful masks target different parts of the body to help boost skin’s moisture content, defend against moisture loss and soothe dry skin.


EDITOR’S PICK: Greenerways Organic Relaxation Kit

Stay at home and relax with the calming and de-stressing oils of Greenerways Organic Relaxation Kit composed of scents that are sure to make you feel peaceful and serene.


Everydaze Diamond Drop Hydrogel Eyepatches

Diamonds are forever, but your dark circles don’t have to be. This hydrogel eye patch is the “brilliant” way to illuminate the dull, sluggish skin under your eyes with brightening diamond powder, de-puffing caffeine and regenerating galactomyces ingredients. Achieve opulent under eyes that gleam and shine in no time.





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