Step-By-Step Guide To Creating A Romantic Valentine’s Day — In Three Days

You may be last minute, but trust us, this will be a night to remember.

Valentine’s Day is just three days away, and you may have been racking your brain to think of a sexy and creative way to get your lover in the mood. While you may be short on time to make it extravagant, you have plenty of time to create a romantic atmosphere that they will never forget.

The ladies at Black Ruby have conjured up a few ideas that will earn you plenty of hugs and kisses, and who knows, maybe something more.

Check out our last-minute romantic ideas that can be accomplished in no time.

DISCLOSURE: Please note that we are not paid for our selection. These are honest choices that come from our staff after mindful selection. However, we may use affiliate links in which we earn a commission if you make a purchase.

STEP ONE: Please their senses with an aromatic soak in the tub that will leave them thirsty for your touch.

You’ve got the rose petals, but what’s next? Get your lover’s senses aroused by soaking in a tub filled with Honeydipped Essentials Bath Soak. This delicious smelling soak will leave both your skin soft, glowing, and irresistible to touch.

If you’re feeling a little more frisky, add a golden glow to your skin with Wondergloss Boho Potion Luxe Oil. Now, that’s a trophy finish! *wink*

STEP TWO: Please their eyes — just remember less is more.

Give your partner’s eye a treat when you slip into the Bloom Lace Maxi Dress from Anya Lust. This sexy piece will surely make their mouths water.

Remember when we mentioned less is more? Well, sans the makeup. Let them see your natural beauty glow with Farac Beauty. The Velvet Rose face cream firms and hydrates the skin leaving your face feeling velvety smooth and perfectly nourished.

If you want to make your lips look soft, shiny and supple, add a little Crunchi nude lipgloss and keep the kisses abundant.

STEP THREE: Give into their romantic desires with decor that matches the mood.

Making the atmosphere romantic is very important, so you have to do it right. Romance HelpersRomance In A Box makes it easy to set the mood. The box provides you with candles, bubble bath, silk rose petals. and a little bit more to help you score in the romance department.

STEP FOUR: Make the bed.

Great lovemaking is done on a soft, yet firm mattress. Sleepenvie’s Sofie memory foam mattress not only provides comfort but also stability so that you can sleep and play in your boudoir all night long.

Don’t forget to prepare your bed for good loving with red sheets that are soft to the touch. Mellanni 100% silk fine linens come in a variety of colors that can easily set the mood for seduction.

STEP FIVE: Never be boring, bring on the fun.

Nothing makes the night more spicy than a little conversation. Sexpectations by Dear Young Married Couple is a great way to share your most intimate thoughts with the one you love. Just shuffle the deck and prepare to be intimately connected.

STEP SIX: Tap into your inner masseuse.

Give the gift of a sensual massage with Maple HolisticsSensual Massage Oil to melt not only their heart but also the tension. You’ll thank us later.

STEP SEVEN: Give some sweets to your sweetie.

After a good rub, feed your sweet a tasty treat from the Romeo and Juliet box from Seattle Chocolate. These truffles are so sexy especially the Bubbly flavor.

STEP EIGHT: Capture the moment — it’s worth it.

Resist the urge to share your experience with social media. To do this, capture the moment of your lover’s experience with pics using Polaroid’s OneStep 2 Camera. Memories to cherish forever!

We know that following these steps will make you and your lover closer than ever.



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