‘A Fall From Grace’: What We All Can Learn From The Movie — Even If It Was Flawed

A breakdown of the movie’s lessons that many people missed.

Photo courtesy of Netflix

By now, you may have read the many reviews, and seen the countless memes surrounding the eagerly anticipated movie, A Fall From Grace, that hit Netflix in January 2020. Coming from the creative mind of Tyler Perry, the movie was sadly met with a backlash that will forever be seen as a two-hour spoof of why you shouldn’t film a movie in just five days.

Mr. Perry gave us a little insight into his genius when he took to his Instagram and let his 5.1 million followers know that he had no writer’s room and that he writes his own shows.

“I don’t know if you know this, but all shows on television have a writer’s room and most of the time there are ten people, 12, whatever that write on these television shows,” Perry explained. “I have no writer’s room. Nobody writes any of my work. I write it all.”

Many viewers applauded his work ethics, but after watching A Fall From Grace, critiques believed that he should consider hiring people to help him bring forth better storylines.

Viewers also commented on the countless errors in production that included an extra who drank from an empty cup, a poorly built dishwasher under the sink, and wine being served in a diner. Yes, the errors are substantial especially coming from a writer, director, and producer that is held at high esteem for his work ethics and his determination to produce quality films that feature African American actors.

Just recently, we celebrated his contribution to #blackexcellence when he opened his 330-acre studio in Atlanta, Georgia that houses sound studios named after iconic Hollywood legends that include, Halle Berry, Oprah Winfrey, and Whoopi Goldberg.

However, if we could look past the comedy of the bad wigs and other snafus, we can uncover a few important messages that should not be overshadowed. After watching the movie with the intent of receiving gems, we came up with a few jewels that can protect your heart, your life, and your family.

*Just in case you haven’t seen the movie, here’s your spoiler alert.

Do your research

Ladies, thanks to the internet, we have access to information 24/7. It is important, especially when you are single, to research the people that want to make an entrance into your life. In the movie, Grace (Crystal Fox) could have easily learned more about her suitor, Shannon (Mehcad Brooks) if only she would have done her research. It only takes knowing their full name and a click of the mouse to find enough information to make a more conscious decision of whether you want to entertain their pursuit.

Don't ignore the signs

Listen to your gut. If you feel something is not right, believe it. A lot of times we ignore our good judgment because we want love to win. When we are introduced to Grace, we learn that she has reservations about love, especially after her divorce, but ignoring the signs come at a cost, and sometimes it is overpriced.

Take baby steps towards love

Grace made the mistake of giving her all before she really got to know Shannon. She was vulnerable, confused, and clearly in need of time to heal. This left her open for her so-called best friend, Sarah (Phylicia Rashad), to take advantage of her by setting her up with her criminal son, Shanon.

Subcombing to Sarah’s manipulative pressure, she soon threw caution to the wind and let love take over. In doing so, she allowed Shannon to size her up and go in for the kill.

Always remember, love requires patience. Baby steps are key to ensure you don’t lose your footing and end up falling into a never-ending pit of deception.

Protect your health and wealth

Unfortunately, Grace lets her guard down and puts her heart in the hands of a criminal that takes her for everything she has — plus more. Shannon used up her heart, which ultimately made her angry enough to lose herself in a crime of passion.

Check on your elderly

As we once depended on our elders to care for us, they in return need our support. In the movie, we learn that Sarah is not the kind care person that she portrays to herself to be. Behind her smile, there is something far more sinister than we would have expected. Thanks to Alice (Cicely Tyson), we learn that Sarah has been taking the elderly for their cash while leaving them locked up in her basement.

Linda Weston/ Photo Courtesy of Philadelphia Police Department

This is not very farfetched as it is similar to the “Basement of Horrors” case that took place in Philadelphia, PA. In 2015, Linda Weston was sentenced to life plus 80 for holding people captive in Philadelphia, Texas, Virginia and Florida from 2001 to 2011. Weston and four of her co-conspirators lured mentally disabled people who were estranged from their families, into rented locations. She arranged to receive their benefits and forced two female victims into prostitution to earn more money for the family. Two other women died while living with Weston, leading to murder charges that made her eligible for the death penalty.

After summing up the above, we think that despite the hiccups, it can still be worth the 120 minutes of your time to watch the movie for its message. While doing so, we hope that you take away the lesson that life gives us signs, and to ignore them could only lead to our early demise.




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