Bangkok Edition - The Shift From 4G to 5G: How To Optimise Data In The Hyperconnected World

  • In this event, Dr Poramate from True Corporation has shared with us the introduction of 5G network for cultivating new growth.
  • Mr Anurag from SGM Analytics has covered and provided us with some insightful information on the importance of 5G for enterprises.
Dr Poramate explaining what 5G is
Mr Anurag introducing himself and SGM Analytics
  • Able to work remotely despite wherever one is located
  • Increased user-end speeds the network will be able to deliver
  • File sharing and communication capabilities will be delivered via lighting speed
  • 5G serves as enablement as the Internet of Things (IoT) continues to grow and expand
  • Able to transform traditional industries with a vast of opportunities provided by the powerful network
Mr Anurag explaining the potential possibilities with the combination of 5G together with both AR and VR
Mr. Anurag answering some of the questions from the audience

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