Blacxellence — Foday Dumbuya

Meet Foday Dumbuya or ‘Fods’ that he also goes by. I’ve known Fods for a few years now and have seen him go on an incredible journey not only in business but as a man too. It’s lovely to see your friends grow and go on to do amazing things.

Fods is the Founder, Creative Director and Designer of Labrum London. A menswear brand that has a focus on fine details, directional patterns and a political message, all of this is woven together with the highest quality of craftsmanship that Fods strives for with each product, right down to the socks.

Fods is a man of the world. He spent his youth in Sierra Leone, Cyprus & London and comes from a working class family. He used that life experience to build Labrum on solid, hard-working and respectful foundations. In the last three years, I have personally seen the brand grow from a few pieces to full collections released seasonally, it’s scaled up massively and is successful because of Foday’s hard work and tireless attitude.

On August 14th, Regent (on the outskirts of Freetown, Sierra Leone) was hit by an absolutely devastating mudslide that took the lives of over 1,000 people. It was a truly horrible disaster and they are still suffering today.

Many people in the Sierra Leonean Diaspora naturally felt a deep, heartbreaking connection to the disaster. Anyone that has the blood of their nation running through their veins that isn’t able to wake up there knows about this connection.

It spurred on Fods to do something for his people, for his family, that’s how ‘Pray for Freetown’ was born. After the news of the mudslides hit, Fods worked extremely hard to collect donations of all kinds from people that were willing to help. He then sourced and ordered for a shipping container to be loaded and sent to Sierra Leone. Fods will be meeting the container on the other side once it’s journey is complete and begin distributing aid to Regent.

You need people like Foday Dumbuya that step up and go above and beyond in times of need when the international response has been so poor.

Fods, you are #Blacxellence because you don’t run away from your roots, you own them and allow them to drive you forward as you carve out the life that you want for yourself, thank you for being an inspiration to many.

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