Blacxellence — Richie Brave

I first met Richie through my friends Angel and Darren. I think we ran together a few times and can’t remember much beyond that. I really got to know Richie and learn about his work through his social channels.

Richie is a presenter and public speaker that has worked with Dazed, LUSH, Buzzfeed, BBC and more.

Last year, Director Mollie Mills was a woman on a mission to shine a light on Mens poor Mental Health issues. She created Men Don’t Cry, a beautiful and intimate short film which features young boys and men (including me and some friends) in the various environments that they survive in. What really captures you in Men Don’t Cry is Richie’s narration in the film where he explains his relationship with his own Mental Health, solutions for our community and creates an overwhelming sense of love and unity for all of us to exist in.

“We’ll sign up to the gym and get protein shakes, we’ll spend all this money on keeping our bodies okay. Why are we not looking after our minds?”
Richie Brave

That film came around at an incredibly hard time in my life and hearing Richie’s words drew me back to the light when I needed it. Since then, Richie has continued to do important work in Mental Health and never shies away from speaking the honest truth that our society currently lacks.

It’s really comforting for me to see a man that’s older than me and shares similar core values to myself and do it with confidence. Richie is someone who is warm, kind, loving, caring and also angry when it’s required.

Richie motivates me constantly to speak my mind and be the kind of man that I want to be. Thank you.

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