Blacxellence — Seyi Akiwowo

This is Seyi Akiwowo, Forest Gate North’s Councillor and a woman of many talents.

I first became aware of Seyi after this video went viral on Facebook. Seyi really stood up in a room full of European Men at the European Youth Event and demanded reparations from former empires! She really did that! And as much as we speak of the EU being about peace, love and unity, let us remember the response Seyi got.

Now, because of the amazing work Seyi does for marginalised peoples, she is subjected to abuse online that is specially made for Black Women. Constant slews of racialised and sexualised insults. This does not stop Seyi and why would it? Seyi is a champion and small people will never get her down because the care, determination and love that drives her will always overcome that negativity.

I’ve always been impressed by Seyi because she has achieved so much in so little time and is an inspiration to many. She has worked in Policy, Politics, set up Glitch UK, been interviewed by ITV, BBC, & Evening Standard to name a few. Seyi continues to do more each day.

Thank you, Seyi, for standing up for what is right.

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