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Every year for the last 10+ years I’ve reviewed and updated my book of beliefs (also called a codex vitae sometimes). Every time I look at it I get a weird sense that some parts of it are more stale than others. This year, when reading the section about some of my favorite ideas, I felt like it was in need of a more serious refactor than just adding or removing an idea. This morning on day 94 of my 750 Words streak I came up with the idea of using this space to talk it out and refactor my list of favorite ideas.

The list as it currently exists includes:

  • The Codex Vitae
  • Hume’s Fork
  • Optionality
  • Poetic Naturalism
  • Quality Time
  • Quantum Realism
  • Soloverse
  • Systems Thinking

Descriptions of these ideas exist here (linking to the changelog since it’s likely to get updated in the future). Rather than copy them over and edit them, I’m going to start with a blank slate and work outward from my own intuitions about what ideas are resonating most with me right now.

I created a new file:, after my word of the year, because that feels like the right starting point for me right now.

My informal rules will be that, at least for the near future, I’ll add an idea, or refine an existing idea, one at a time. I’ll use this space to share my thinking behind whatever was changed or edited along with a diff of the file’s recent changes. This is the first day so there’s no diff.

This little experiment will end when I feel like the new list of ideas is a good reflection of what is currently mulling in my head, and I’ll copy it back over to the book of beliefs.

I’m excited about it. A good way for me to think of things to write about, without too much pressure about articulating any of them particularly well.

If anyone else feels like playing along with their own slowly grown list of favorite ideas, I’d love to hear about it.



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