Chris shares his first-hand thoughts about the Kinect Views feature of the Arcooda Video Pinball cabinet prototype at Farsight Studios.

Jared Morgan
Jun 26, 2018 · 3 min read

We get straight into the thick of it this week with a deep-dive into how the Kinect Views on the Arcooda Video Pinball cabinet actually work in reality.

There are some definite caveats to the feedback Chris has about the cabinet version Farsight have, and we’re pretty transparent about these in the show.
If you’re on the fence about putting money down on the cabinet, and don’t have time to listen to the show at the moment we both feel it would be safe to put your money down on one of these beasts.

To find out why, you’ll just have to listen. But hurry because you’re going to want to do it before June 30.

Farsight and Arcooda Visit

  • 01:15 — Farsight Studios Visit Purpose
  • 02:00 — What’s Big Bear Road like in Winter vs Summer?
  • 03:40 — Welcoming Committee at Farsight.

Quick Play test Thoughts

Not long to go now…
  • 04:20 — What is the Farsight Arcooda Cabinet like?
  • 05:45 — Using Touchscreen to navigate
  • 07:15 — Head Tracking on The Addams Family
  • 08:00 — Does it look 3D?
  • 09:15 — Is it like shifting layers on the playfield
  • 10:53 — So what is this 3D feature then?
  • 12:20 — Is there perceivable flipper lag?
  • 15:39 — Is there lag on all tables?
  • 16:22 — Backglass animation challenges

Thorough Play test with Kinect

  • 17:40 — Playtesting the Kinect Camera deeply.
  • 19:30 — Can you lean “out of bounds”?
  • 19:43 — Kinect tracking everyone, and you.
  • 22:37 — Whirlwind sold the backbox animations and Kinect
  • 24:40 — Are alpha blumes/panes fixed or floating with the perspective?
  • 26:25 — Black Hole and Haunted House are amazing in Kinect View
  • 28:35 — How should Arcooda demo the Kinect View feature?
  • 29:10 — The issue of egg-shaped balls on pincabs.
  • 31:15 — Tilting and Plunging in early alpha due to hardware.
  • 33:35 — How did the cabinet “feel” when shoved?
  • 34:00 — Homepin are contracted to manufacture the cabinet shells.

Pinball Tournaments Dev Chat

  • 36:15 — Division of scope with Pinball Tournaments app
  • 38:30 — Getting cash back for crashed money games in Pinball Tournaments
  • 39:40 — Do two day non-cash tournaments in TPA with Skillz framework.
  • 41:00 — Softly introduce token system into TPA to prove it isn’t Smurfberries.

Stern Pinball VR

  • 42:30 — First look at VR in Stern Pinball Arcade

Live Tuning Demo

49:50 — Live tuning full-plunge shots in CFTBL.

Lighting Demo

  • 52:00 — No Good Gophers lighting techniques on layered plastics.
  • 53:00 — The terrible graphical shortcuts in Season 1 and 2 Tables.

Twitch Stream Action

Chris moonlights on the Farsight Studios Twitch Stream
  • 54:15 — Chris on Farsight Twitch
  • 56:20 — New Farsight IPs are underway

Next Week

  • 57:20 — Show Preview: Greg from Spacies Arcade

Arcooda Pinball Cabinet Summary

  • 58:30 — Arcooda Cabinet Pitch

Steam Summer Sale Time

  • 64:00 — Steam Summer Sale happening now.

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BlahCade Pinball

Podcast devoted to commercial digital pinball that occasionally veers wildly off-topic just because.

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