BlahCade #146: Mart from Magic Pixel

We have a great chat with Mart, the Community Manager for Magic Pixel.

Jared Morgan
Aug 21, 2018 · 3 min read

Out of the blue, we get a request to talk digital pinball with a game studio. Of course we’re going to say “hell yes” to that.

Mart gives us some welcome news about what’s in store for fans of Magic Pixel‘s Zaccaria Pinball.

We round out the show with some fun from the Netherworld Sideshow and a surprising turn of events at Chris’ Tournament he attended recently.

Mart from Magic Pixel

  • 03:00 — Zaccaria on Nintendo Switch announcement
  • 04:50 — Portrait Mode announcement
  • 05:25 — Flip Grip compatibility announcement
  • 07:25 — Steam Collection Update announcement
  • 08:45 — About Remakes
  • 11:00 — About Retro Tables (de-makes)
  • 11:55 — About UI Quality and Table Customisations
  • 15:35 — New Tables announcement
  • 18:40 — Zaccaria Table Editor announcement
  • 20:00 —About Studio Size
  • 21:50 — Cabinet Support announcement
  • 23:08 — How many Zaccaria machines were produced?
  • 24:25 — Mobile App announcement
  • 26:45 — New support platform: Facebook

Tournaments and Real Pinball

  • 30:35 — El Dorado Gottlieb Reskin and Tournament Action
  • 36:10 — Sneaky Trip to the Netherworld Sideshow
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Netherworld Sideshow Fun

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