BlahCade #156: Williams Pinball Volume 2: Release Retrospective

Now that Zen Studios have done a live stream of the new Volume 2 tables, we can talk about them!

Jared Morgan
Nov 19, 2018 · 4 min read

Zen Studios released a Twitch video right after they announced the Volume 2 packs. It let everyone get a look at the tables, which means that we can talk freely about the tables.

Join us for a deep-dive into some of the aspects of the tables in Volume 2, and listen to us speculate on what appeared to be a co-ordinated visit between Stern (Gomez and Eddie) to Budapest.

And now… on with the show

  • 00:45 — Dr Chris and Marshmallows
  • 03:10 — Problems with ShoutEngine Audio last episode
  • 04:25 — Show recording schedules are random this time of year

Williams Pinball: Volume 2

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What has the reaction been like to Volume 2?
Here is Zen Studios’ Twitch Stream of Volume 2
  • 05:30 — Williams Pinball FX3: Volume 2
  • 07:30 — Three-packs vs Four-packs
  • 08:00 — Original IP Tables from Zen Pinball FX3
  • 08:50 — Tables in Volume 2?
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Beta Build Volume 2 Thoughts

  • 11:45 — Zen remastered mode winner from this pack: The Party Zone.
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Fireworks are just the beginning in The Party Zone
  • 14:16 — Black Rose remastered feels pretty vanilla in comparison to The Party Zone.
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Black Rose doesn’t have a lot of enhancements
  • 15:50 — Attack From Mars needs to have some tweaks done before release.
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Attack From Mars needs some adjustments done
  • 23:00 — Event Cameras are low-angle and DMD is visible, and can be turned off.
  • 24:15 — Censorship options on Steam only (for now).

Debate about Strobe Multiball and other lighting effects

  • 26:55 — Strobe Multiball on Attack From Mars.

Volume 3 and beyond

  • 36:15 — What will be in Volume 3?
  • 39:40 — What table will be the first licensed table?

Other things that caught our attention

  • 42:00 — Tangent: Black Rose and lightning flippers.
  • 46:41 — Chipping away at your desire to play TPA.

Stern Pinball visiting Budapest

What the… 0_0
  • 48:00 — Hard-core speculation about that post.
  • 52:00 — How would this possibly play out?

Micro Cab and Star Race Progress

  • 54:00 — Progress report on the MicroCab
  • 56:00 — Star Race board progress

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