If we understand licensing, there might be grave news for fans waiting for premium Stern titles through Farsight Studios.

Jared Morgan
Nov 27, 2018 · 5 min read

The folks at Zen Studios have punched out another beta for Williams Pinball Volume 2, and Chris gets some hands-on time with it. There’s plenty of iterative improvements over the first beta, so we go into some of the juicy details.

Then we get our thinking caps on and try to do some extrapolation about what titles Farsight Studios could theoretically and affordably produce from the Stern, Data East and Sega back catalogue. You’ll find out just what this could look like if you take a listen now.

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And now… on with the show

  • 00:45 — Turkey day and how to eat pumpkin pie.
  • 04:40 — Vacuum tubes in pinball.

Williams Pinball Volume 2 Progress

  • 05:30 — The Cop is now an Army General.
  • 07:00 — Strobe Multiball lighting improvements.
  • 08:35 —It would be great to have a ball trails setting per table.
  • 11:40 — What Strobe Multiball looks like in complete darkness.
  • 13:50 — The apparent differences between flasher lighting in FX3 vs TPA.
  • 16:10 — AFM, Black Rose, and The Party Zone are now “unplayable” in TPA.

What Stern tables could Farsight Studios affordably produce?

  • 18:00 — What is this segment all about?
  • 21:55 — What tables are excluded immediately based on Zen Studio’s licensing?
  • 23:15 — What music tables could Farsight not do without a Kickstarter?
  • 23:55 — What Fox/Disney tables are off the table?
  • 24:30 — Um, so what’s left then?

And maybe, with some luck and an affordable licence for an “old” movie now…

  • 26:30 — What about Munsters as a license?
  • 27:50 — What about the rumoured Elvira license?

What Data East/Sega tables could Farsight Studios affordably produce?

  • 29:30 — What about Godzilla? Oh, wait…
  • 30:15 — South Park is also no-go.
  • 31:00 — Could Primus be a possibility?
  • 33:30 — What about King Kong?
  • 35:00 —OK. So what Data East and Sega tables are left?
  • 37:40 — Farsight needs to deliver a knockout punch before March 2019.

PinCab Progress

  • 41:50 — PinCab has been painted, but it wasn’t easy.
  • 44:28 — Doing work in bulk would make the costs and effort decrease.
  • 46:50 — Hammer finish paint wrecked the 3D-printed coin door.
  • 51:30 — Some legs have no threads. Do you even need leg levellers?

Star Race Progress

  • 53:50 — Rejuvenating Gottlieb System 80 displays.

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BlahCade Pinball

Podcast devoted to commercial digital pinball that occasionally veers wildly off-topic just because.

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BlahCade Pinball

Podcast devoted to commercial digital pinball that occasionally veers wildly off-topic just because.

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