Williams Pinball Volume 2 has been released for a little while now, and we reflected on what this release offers players.

Jared Morgan
Dec 24, 2018 · 4 min read

Zen Studios released their highly-anticipated Volume 2 collection of tables into the app stores early in December, and we recorded an episode to discuss what we thought about it.

We’ve held onto it until now because we know that the festive season can be a bit boring, so having a few good podcasts to listen to can break the boredom a little.

There’s a mixture of real pinball and digital pinball talk in this episode, so get some egg-nog (or your favourite festive imbibement) and relax with some pinball chat.

Look out for a back-to-back episode coming after this one, which will be the last one for the year from us.

And now… on with the show

  • 01:15 — Chris’ interaction with a Chiro.
  • 04:55 —Jared’s Star Race waiting game.
  • 05:25 — Clearcoat from hell.

08:30 — Different approaches to retheming a pinball.

11:00 — Sneaky EM at Netherworld.

PinCab progress

13:00 — The stencil is hard.

19:00 — Shipped bare wood.

21:00 — Ikea name for the PinCab.

21:30 — Making wiring harnesses.

24:30 — Why minimum LEDs are important on the build.

26:10 — Clearances and spacing for cabinet parts.

Playing FX3 standing up

30:00 — Surface Book 2 Nvidia discrete graphics.

31:00 — Doing the pinball thrust.

Williams Pinball Volume 2 release thoughts

32:00 — Attack From Mars table thoughts.

35:00 —Attack From Mars Strobe Multiball is well-executed.

35:30 — Ramps and up-kickers feel subtly randomised.

37:40 — Enjoying Arcade vs Classic mode.

38:40 — The Party Zone enhancements in bonus count.

39:50 — Action camera “off” also turns off your plunger lane.

42:30 — Emulate the different plunger spring tensions.

44:40 — Back to AFM: thoughts on animations.

46:00 — Black Rose seems pretty dark, but that’s accurate.

47:15 — Attention to detail in the cannon area of Black Rose is exceptional.

49:20 — Some sound enhancements crept into the regular modes.

50:00 — Left ramp exit feels really slow compared to TPA.

51:15 — Comparing ramp behaviour between TPA and Zen.

Centaur at Netherworld

Beautiful Centaur at Netherworld

54:15 — Restored Centaur at Netherworld

57:00 — Lane saving IRL is brutally hard!

58:00 — How that multiball mechanism works.

59:00 — What could Zen Studios do with Centaur?

Doing Pinball Arcade wizard goals in order

62:00 — Forum member’s progress for each game.

65:30 — Farsight’s instructions are the gold standard still.

66:00 — Wizard goals on Zen sometimes feel random in comparison.

Zen’s Operencia: Stolen Sun

Operencia is a new direction for Zen Studios

67:00 — Could this be the next original Zen Pinball FX3 title?

68:00 — Could Zen Studios do a “multi-arena” playfield design ala Flipnic?

Flipnic was a great example of multi-arena pinball

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Podcast devoted to commercial digital pinball that occasionally veers wildly off-topic just because.

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BlahCade Pinball

Podcast devoted to commercial digital pinball that occasionally veers wildly off-topic just because.

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