We wrap up the year with a few ends that are no longer loose.

Jared Morgan
Dec 24, 2018 · 3 min read

This will be the final episode for 2018.

Both of us have some great news to share about projects that have been running throughout the year, and we also have some great news for Zen Pinball fans on Mobile.

We will return in 2019 for another year of the latest commercial digital pinball news.

And now… on with the show

  • 00:45 — Jared gets a gear upgrade.
  • 03:00 — Movie Pass shenanigans.

Pinball EDU and Stern Pinball Arcade Subscription

  • 06:20 — Farsight newsletter
  • 07:00–6-month subscription to Stern.

Star Race is Alive!

13:20 — White LEDs are proving to be a good choice.

13:50 — Vari-targets need some tuning.

14:50 — Playfield switches need some burnishing.

15:50 — Circuit board work is extensive.

16:30 — Thunk mod done on the board.

17:00 — Ground mods run everywhere.

17:40 — Fuse holder condition is important for consistent voltages.

19:00 — How does it play?

PinCab is finished!

19:40 — PinCab is done.

21:35 — Vinyl printing options.

22:40 — Paint it yourself.

23:40 — Wiring was a huge job.

27:10 — Getting the flippers functioning.

34:30 — Soldering is fine… but how do I de-solder?

36:00 — Plunger tuning.

37:20 — Accelerometer tuning.

38:05 — Works, except within TPA.

42:00 — Remainders left to tidy up.

Aside: Kit-bashing and Star Wars

43:10 — Chris’ mate’s side hobby

45:00 — How far do star wars model builders go?

Back to the cab chat

48:00 — Lessons learnt from building the cab.

50:25 — Tallying up the total build cost.

52:55 — Button mashing modes in pinball are much more fun with a micro-cab.

Zen Pinball Williams Collection Beta on iOS

54:00 — Williams Pinball beta.

55:20 — A very strong mobile aesthetic.

55:30 — Unlockable items.

56:20 — Skillz integration.

58:45 — Daily challenges.

60:00 — What questions remain about the app.

61:00 — Side-by-side comparison between Zen Mobile and TPA Mobile (no pics, sorry).

61:55 — Ball “feel” and physics are better than TPA.

RodeCaster Pro

64:30 — Want this piece of gear!

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BlahCade Pinball

Podcast devoted to commercial digital pinball that occasionally veers wildly off-topic just because.

Jared Morgan

Written by

Tech Writer with a Product focus | Podcaster | Pinball enthusiast.

BlahCade Pinball

Podcast devoted to commercial digital pinball that occasionally veers wildly off-topic just because.

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