BlahCade #166: Williams Pinball Vol 3 Interview

Zen Studios have joined the show to announce what will be in the Williams Pinball Volume 3 release coming out very soon.

Now that the Williams Pinball Vol 1 and Vol 2 Beta has run its course on iOS and Android, it’s time for Zen to channel their inner Ariana and say “thank u, next” for the latest Williams Pinball DLC drop across all platforms.

Volume 3 is all killer, no filler.

Hear Mel Kirk and Thomas Crofts (apologies from Akos Györkei who had to bail early to get Zen’s Twitch stream set up) lay down what we can expect from Volume 3.

For those forensic fans out there, one of the tables will not be a surprise. But there may be a couple of tables in Volume 3 that have come out of left field.

There’s also some (now somewhat old, but nonetheless) awkward and uncomfortable news about Magic Pixel’s Zaccaria Pinball app on Android at the end of the show.

And now… on with the show

  • 02:15 — Gated Reverb: How a studio mishap shaped the sound of the '80s
I can feel it comin’…

Williams Pinball Volume 3 Announcement

Just wait until you see the enhanced boxer in The Champion Pub!
  • 07:40 — Vol 3 is the next table pack out.
  • 08:25 — Theatre of Magic, Safe Cracker, and The Champion Pub
  • 08:50 — How did translating Safe Cracker go?
  • 09:30 — How will Safe Cracker be “enhanced”?
  • 10:45 — How will tokens be handled?
  • 11:28 — How will Theatre of Magic be “enhanced”?
  • 12:13 — How will The Champion Pub be lit?
  • 13:30 — What is the “questionable content” on The Champion Pub?
  • 15:50 — What are some of Thomas’s favourite tables?
  • 16:30 — Could Zen step into modern light-shows for Zen originals (like Jersey Jack)
  • 17:30 — What will the release cadence be for Williams Pinball?
  • 20:00 — How does early feedback through beta testing affect decisions?

Interview reaction and speculation

After the interview, we go deep into the information that the good folks at Zen just dropped. There are many tangents, but it’s a good listen. We also recorded this before we had the graphics assets so some speculation has been addressed already. 😋

It’s time to strap on the speculation goggles and go deep!

Of particular interest is our speculation about what Zen might be able to do with the animation in the other suspected tables coming out soon.

  • 24:30 — Reaction and speculation time

Zaccaria Pinball (and your DLCs) are removed from Google Play. Forever.

  • 63:00 — Zaccaria Pinball removed from Google Play.

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