BlahCade #171: Earths, Wins and Fire

We talk about how you troubleshoot bulb problems on a System 80 and more data from the Williams Pinball Spreadsheet.

Jared Morgan
Apr 14, 2019 · 3 min read

If you’ve ever tried to diagnose a fault on a Pinball machine, you’ll know how frustrating it can sometimes be. Jared had just such a problem last week with his Star Race.

Chris has been diving into the stats side of Williams Pinball more and has yielded some interesting insights from the data collected.

There’s some interesting movie talk in this episode as well that breaks up the show a bit.

Enjoy, and let us know what you think.

And now… on with the show

01:30 — Orgazmo! and Trey P and Matt S

We start the show with a bit of inside baseball about South Park and some other Park and Stone shenanigans.

10:55 — Star Race light socket problems, and solutions!

Jared has been doing some bulb socket work on Star Race to try and shake down (literally) some problems with the light sockets.

Here is a franken-socket he had to repair because he didn’t order any. 😦

Here is the dodgy LED on the power supply. Very misleading and probably wasted two days of troubleshooting and Pinside searching.

The LED that wasn’t lit on the power supply was a red (ahem) herring.

Here are the different voltages on the earth lines (click the arrow to scroll the embedded image). Bridging the separate earth lines fixed the issue. For now.

29:40— Williams Pinball Freemium Guide progress

Chris has been logging all the things when it comes to the freemium aspects in Williams Pinball on iOS and Android.

46:30 — Slots Era in-game ads crack us up!

The dude who does the voice-over for Slots Era in Williams Pinball cracks us up.

49:55 — What Williams Pinball tables come up the most?

Chris tells us what tables appear the most in the daily challenges.

58:15 — Is Pinball Arcade a dead franchise?

A discussion from the forum suggests that Farsight has no intention to do any Gottlieb EM or licensed Stern tables.

65:00—Cowboy Bebop Live Action

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