BlahCade #180: Creators Gotta Create

The board is green. We have liftoff. Chris has won at OBS!

Jared Morgan
Jul 19 · 4 min read

We have great success with OBS this week which means we can focus on pinball.

Chris and I talk about the improvements Zen Studios has made to Williams Pinball’s gameplay experience concerning in-game currencies.

This episode also covers some questions we’ve been asked over the last few weeks.

  1. Is it worth repurchasing all the Williams Pinball tables if you already own them in Pinball Arcade?
  2. How are you feeling about the pricing in Williams Pinball? Too cheap? Just right?

We go over these questions, and much more in this episode.

Other stuff like shoot-em-ups! Yeah!

Get listening!

And now… on with the show

If you use Skype Creator edition to ingest NDI feeds using OBS then all your guests need to use it as well.

Let our last month of frustration be a lesson to you all.

I tried using Microsoft Edge browser for as long as I could until I hit a showstopper. Guess how long I lasted.

Zen Studios is listening to all our feedback about the Mobile app experience, and the results are discussed in this segment.

We also talk about this concept of ramping up earnings in freemium games and how it feels like you’re “chopping wood” until you hit the later levels where you get the good rewards.

If you are a Steam user, you’ve got nothing to lose.

Download Zen Pinball FX3 and load up Fish Tales for free, fully unlocked. Choose Classic Single Player in the Williams Pinball collection and give it a good run through.

A drop in price and new form factor could open up pinball to a whole new audience on Nintendo Switch.

We take a caller from the live chat and answer the burning question about Volume 5 news from Zen Studios.

We got used to getting monthly “pump and dump” releases in The Pinball Arcade, and it had a certain effect on how we consumed the tables.

How has this changed in Williams Pinball?

I got into some detail about a great “rogue-like” shoot-em-up (shmup) I got on Steam Early Access.

Some people like to throw their money around when it comes to spending money on games.

There’s a reason why Zen doesn’t sell games individually. We explore why, based on the questions and discourse in this thread.

We suggest a different way you can direct your spare funds if you’re that way inclined.

Chris asks me a few pop quiz questions about pinball scenarious.

The responses are worth considering as well if you’re playing from home.

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BlahCade Pinball

Podcast devoted to commercial digital pinball that occasionally veers wildly off-topic just because.

Jared Morgan

Written by

Tech Writer with a Product focus | Podcaster | Pinball enthusiast.

BlahCade Pinball

Podcast devoted to commercial digital pinball that occasionally veers wildly off-topic just because.

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