BlahCade #188: Creatures, Monsters and Zen: Oh My!

Now that the Universal Monsters Pack has been released, we cover off some feedback from users.

Jared Morgan
Nov 8 · 4 min read

People have been able to play the game and form their own opinions about it now. Most of the negative feedback seems to be about how the upgrade was sold. We talk more about this aspect of selling the game, and what we think Zen could’ve done a bit better.

It’s Alive: Universal Monsters pack is announced for Williams Pinball

There’s a host of other topics as well which cover off our show’s motto of: Pinball, Movies, Snacks. But mostly pinball.

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And now… on with the show

04.00 — Force 2 Mylar Removal

I’ve been ripping into removing the Playfield mylar removal.

The Isopropyl Alcohol I used removes both the mylar adhesive, but it also dissolves the laquer on the playfield. I’ve found a technique that helps you not remove too much ink from the playfield doing this.

09:30 — Williams Pinball Mobile Experience for the Monsters Pack

Both Chris Friebus and I have been spending a little bit of time on the Mobile pack with the new timed challenges.

Cranky Frankie is “shocked” at the buying prompts in-game as well.

We also address some crankiness from the forum about the mobile app offerings. There are some issues with the way the upgrade pack was offered and it turns out that people can’t read.

16:30 — Why was the timed event only for Monster Bash?

Update: there’s a Creature timed event running at the time of this post.

Get on it!

21:30 — How does Williams Pinball play on Mobile

There are some great reflections on the balls in Android now. There are also better lighting and tuning fixes implemented.

28:00 — Steam version gameplay

Were there any big changes on the Steam version. Not really, but the changes made are more quality of life fixes.

32:00 — ROM State in tables

It would be great if Zen could address ROM state for key carry-over features.

34:00 — On-location shoot at Player One

Chris tells us about this on-location shoot he did with pinballs in the shot.

This segment evolves into into how product clearance vs product placement works in movies and TV.

52:00 — Nintendo DSi Console

I got a Nintendo DSi donor console from a friend and did some modding to it.

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BlahCade Pinball

Podcast devoted to commercial digital pinball that occasionally veers wildly off-topic just because.

Jared Morgan

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Tech Writer with a Product focus | Podcaster | Pinball enthusiast.

BlahCade Pinball

Podcast devoted to commercial digital pinball that occasionally veers wildly off-topic just because.

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