Plz include message history

and other details

Helena Zhang
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There’s a particular thing that breaks my immersion in a film or TV show: missing message history.

Erin texts Brendan; there’s no message history in view
Mare of Easttown, Season 1, Episode 1, 20:17

Mare of Easttown, Season 1. Erin and Brendan had “been texting back and forth for like 3 weeks” (29:20).

So how come there are no previous messages in view?? It doesn’t seem plausible that they would be deleted.

Atlanta, Season 1. Vanessa is texting with her old friend Jayde, who she just hung out with last night.

Vanessa sees a new message from Jayde; the screen blank otherwise
Atlanta, Season 1, Episode 6, 13:31

No message history again, except for something peeking out from the navigation bar. Why is it scrolled up with so much empty space?

(And why so much padding between texts?)

I’d expect to see something like this since Vanessa was late to dinner last night:

A re-creation of the UI in iOS 9, imagining previous messages from Vanessa
Re-creation of Van’s phone in iOS 9

In a contemporary show, if 2 characters have a relationship they likely have message history.