15 Book Launch and Book Marketing Resources for Traditionally Published Authors

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Podcasts, books, and other resources to help you navigate traditional book publishing

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In an attempt to prep for the launch of my upcoming book, I’ve been doing research about book launches and marketing. There is a ton of stuff out there, so I thought it could be helpful to outline some resources for other writers.

I started looking into a lot of these sources once I had an offer for my book, but I think I would have benefitted from exploring a lot of them when I was earlier in the process, so even if you are just at the querying or platform building stage, I would recommend checking some of these out.

My book is being traditionally published, so these sources have been useful/relevant to my situation, but I think a lot of the resources are useful for both traditional and self-published books. And if you are self-publishing, there are tons of podcasts, experts, and resources out there focused specifically on that.

Below are some of the resources I’ve found helpful so far.


There are a lot of writing-related podcasts and I’m still discovering new ones, but these are some of the ones I’ve found most useful:

  • Pub Crawl Podcast: I started listening to this podcast after I had gotten my book offer, but they cover a lot of stages of traditional book publishing from querying an agent through after publication, so looking for episodes relevant to your current publishing stage would be helpful. A lot of podcasts out there are focused on self-publishing (although there is still useful crossover info to be found in some of those!) but I appreciate that this one is focused on traditional publishing. The hosts have experience on the publisher/agent and author side of publishing and cover a lot of helpful info. Just a few of the episodes I found helpful included the one on publishing contracts and clauses, publishing success, and this one on the process projects go through to become a book.
  • Book Launch Show: I listened to most, if not all, of the episodes of this podcast by book launch expert Tim Grahl. He covers some of the basics of book launches and marketing and then works with an individual author to help her…

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