What you will learn from freelance

Manik Roy
Manik Roy
Jan 25 · 4 min read
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Since my journey to freelancing more than 20 years ago, I was not ready for it. Nevertheless, it happened to me steadily and quietly. The reason is that I was determined not to work in a 9–5 office culture. Therefore, my inner self was always hankering for more freedom in my career. So, I decided to jump myself into the sea of the uncertainty. Therefore, I was compelled to follow celibacy in my life and still doing it honestly as well. However, I am happy what I have done so far. The reason is that it gave me immense self-satisfaction. Moreover, I have done limited numbers of jobs during my freelancing career but I have done it honestly without any gimmick as well.


When you are in freelancing, then you will have a great source of patience. The reason is that freelancing always infuses excess patience in the character of a person. Practically, you will see that freelance life will automatically train your mind for better patience to get a response from the clients. The reason is that if you have no patience in the freelance profession, then you will never be successful in your endeavour as well. In freelance life, you will need a lot of time and dedication to getting the job done. So that you will have to understand the power of patience, which freelancing will do it for your better future as well.


It is one of the great human virtues. Actually, it enriches the human relationship and bonding. The reason is that when you are going freelancing, then you will see that your tolerance has been increased at a larger proportion. The reason is that the client handling will make you tolerable as well and your inter-personal relationship has been increased.


Only you will be responsible for your actions. If you do well, then you will get a better result. Again, if you do the mistake, then you will suffer as well. Actually, self-confidence will make you a better human in the life perspective. The reason is that in freelancing, you will get excessive self-confidence if you enjoy it properly. Indeed, freelancing will boost your skill in the upper limit and boost your confidence as well. Therefore, it will help you for a better career in the course of time.

Slog Over

In freelancing, you will be never be engaged for a whole year constantly. Maybe you will be jobless for a couple of time. Therefore, it will tune you to accommodate yourself in your slog over. Therefore, you can adjust for the jobless period as well.


Through freelancing, you will be habituated with insecurity. Therefore, no adversity will bow down you at all. It is observed that freelance life make human more courageous to face any difficulty as well. As a freelancer, you will always be ready for any kind of adversity. The reason is that as you will be always in insecurity, then you will never get amazed when you will face a sudden danger.


If you like to survive a freelancer, then you will have to be versatile. The reason is that it will make your prospect brighter. Practically, if you don’t like to be versatile, then you will be wrong. The reason is that as a freelancer, you have to be versatile for keeping your profession running well. Because you have to do a lot of works simultaneously in this direction as well.


One thing you have to keep in your mind that unless you make yourself updated at the regular interval, then you will have to face the difficulties to keep yourself alive in your business. It is observed that updated freelancer will have a greater opportunity over the average freelancer. So that you should always keep yourself updated whenever you will get the opportunity. Actually, for freelancing, you will require the latest information and data for it and you will see that it will give you a better perspective at least.


Freelance life will make you an independent person and also it will bolster your foresight, decision-making ability, imagination and action. Therefore, your success rate will be higher than the average people as well. It is observed that an independent person never face any difficulty whatever its intensity will be.


As a freelancer, you will have greater freedom which any person can expect in his or her life. Actually, you will see that freedom will increase your intelligence and foresight on a larger scale. Practically, freedom will make your mind more flexible and composed, so that you will be able to do anything which your mind will like.


You will see that when you are a freelancer, then you will feel that your dignity has been increased at a significant proportion. The reason is that your own actions and achievement will be exclusively for you and nobody will take your share as well. Indeed, it will automatically increase your self-dignity.

Therefore, freelancing will give you a separate entity, which you will never expect from any conventional profession also. Rather, you will be proud in the course of time.

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