Tick-tock on the Brexit Clock

Deal or no deal, the deadline is set — 29 March 2019 Britain is leaving the EU

  • This article was originally published as part of the 2017 edition of Bled Strategic Times, the official gazzette of the Bled Strategic Forum (BSF) international conference. You can access the full version of this and other BSF publications by visiting our official website.
  • The key sensitivity of the reciprocal rights of citizens of the 27 EU member states living in the UK and conversely of UK citizens in the EU 27,
  • The honouring by the UK of its outstanding EU financial obligations,
  • The special circumstances of the island of Ireland, the Northern Ireland Peace Process and the border,
  • The exit of British members from all EU institutions including among others the European Parliament, Commission, Council, Court of Justice, Court of Auditors, the European Investment Bank and the European External Action Service,
  • The relocation of the European Banking Authority and the European Medicines Agency,
  • The treatment of the paid up capital of the UK in the EIB,
  • The orderly disengagement of the UK from international treaties signed by the EU.
  • The Euratom Treaty
  • Agreement on privileges and immunitiesvfor each other institutions and assets in the others jurisdiction post Brexit. This is especially sensitive for the European Investment Bank.
  • Fisheries policy and territorial watersDispute settlement mechanisms regarding the application and interpretation of the withdrawal agreement.



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