Insert Clinton for Trump

You want to know how serious these ongoing stories about President Trump and the Russians are? Insert Hillary Clinton’s name instead of Donald Trump. If the GOP found out that Russians had hacked their servers with the goal of compromising the election in her favor, compromised her national security advisor and had been in constant contact with top people in her organization during the campaign, including her *campaign manager*, the Republicans would be Freaking. The. F*ck. Out. Clinton moved some emails and it was the end of the world; now we have a Russian penetration at the highest levels of government. It’s a McCarthian nightmare.

The most disturbing thing about this for me is what they are *not* saying: the silence has been deafening. Any other President accused of something as serious as this would be holding a press conference or a televised message to the people to assure them that everything is under control. But Trump has done nothing. That, in itself, is very telling.

President Trump must address the nation. And it has *GOT* to come from him. You can’t have those lumps Spicer and Conway trying to explain this away. Trump has to look us in the eye and explain everything. And it cannot come from TWITTER. Even as Watergate raged around him, President Nixon was constantly talking to the press to re-assure the nation. The Longer Trump waits, the worse it’s going to get.

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