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Comics I Copped: Bitter Root Issue 1

Shout to the For All Nerds Show for creating the #ComicsICopped hashtag and shout out to Black Cat Comics in Milpitas CA for lacing me with some of the dopest books that I have read in a while. The suggestions that come from DJ Benhameen are always solid choices and the “Comics I Copped” segment that he does on the show has put me on to titles like Invincible, The Wicked and The Divine and most recently: Bitter Root.

I am not usually a fan of horror books AT ALL but Bitter Root has changed that for me. The creative geniuses behind this book are David F. Walker, Sanford Greene, and Chuck Brown who’ve worked on titles like Power Man and Iron Fist, Black Panther, and The Punisher.

The story drops readers into a 1920’s Harlem that no one has ever seen before. The streets run rampant with dark bloodthirsty creatures that no one seems to be able to stop except the Sangerye family. They are a family that seems to have mastered the art of healing using root work to combat the vile creatures that plague their city.

It’s fun, it’s fast, it’s smart, it’s something I have never seen before and I am glad that I was put onto what is poised to be an amazing story. Bitter Root gets the BLERD Takes stamp of approval!

Originally published in BLERD Takes on January 28, 2019

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