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A new transformational tool to accelerate development of practical quantum computers — Introducing Rubicon V by Bleximo Corp.

Rubicon V is a transformational platform for R&D and workforce training in quantum engineering and computing

  • “Invisible” cryogenics: technology must be as turn-key and transparent as possible to the end-user
  • “High productivity” cryogenics: the pace of testing and design iteration must be dramatically accelerated
  • Equity: access to cryogenic technology must be expanded to new groups of researchers, educators, and users without sufficient funding or experience to develop an own full-stack system
  • Modular ecosystem: proper standards must be developed to ensure affordable highest-quality chip testing environment, reliability, and scalability to larger chip sizes
Plug-and-play: all wiring and components are integrated
  • Turn-key: under 12 hours from crate to characterizing qubits
  • Very short cool-down, warm-up, and chip exchange times
  • Three-model lineup for different use cases
  • Uniquely suitable for higher-education teaching labs
  • Includes high-quality multi-qubit Bleximo processors in protective packaging

Rubicon V is a new tool to accelerate development of practical quantum computers

A quantum computer that looks like a computer

Three available full-stack models for education, workforce training, prototyping and research come at a fraction of the price of current systems, which require extended training for assembly and expertise in cryogenics, and management of many vendors, parts, components, and devices.



Bleximo is building full-stack, superconducting, application-specific quantum computers, co-designing algorithms and hardware to deliver first quantum advantage.

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Bleximo Corp.

We build full-stack, superconducting, application-specific quantum computers.