Meet Up with “UX” as a Life Experience

Meeting “UX” world = one of the most interesting life experience for me.


I’m a junior UX & UI Designer, and also a fresh graduate (soon) from Interaction Design major at Universitas Multimedia Nusantara. I’m from Indonesia, and English is not my native language, so I’m sorry for any inconvenience caused due to my writing skill.

I’m also an Intern at when I wrote this article, and all below are my own story, based on personal experiences and opinions. If you have anything to share, I’m always open for any critiques and discussion.

Behind The Scene

Let me tell you a story…

A story about a young college boy in art & design faculty, still seeking for anything that could be his “passion” one day in the future.

Learning interesting things such as painting, photography, sculpting, animation, motion graphic, game design, digital imaging, graphic design, and then UX/UI design.

The later one became his current focus.

Jumping from one thing and another before, he choose to stay as UX/UI designer with minimum experience and knowledge. Internship is one way to challenge himself, to gain knowledge and experience, and also to contribute more on real life society. One “small” step but later proven to be big.

That’s the “Behind the Scene” story, and let’s cut the case to the most interesting part of the journey, as a newbie UX & UI Designer… or basically, some little big things he learned while doing Internship program as UX Designer…

Lesson 1: Read a Lot

You love to read books, magazines, or articles?

Almost everybody can read. But sometimes, a person just think “I’m here to do A and B, why should I waste my time reading some other things? Better use my time to get the A and B done”.

In my opinion, as a designer, we need to keep ourselves updated. About the trends, the people, and that means, the user. Sometimes a designer just keeps sitting on their chair and do their job quietly.

Their job is done, but that’s not enough.

As UX Designer, you need to know what’s going on right now, what’re the other designers doing, what kind of struggle the user experienced, to improve your decision making on the design. That would be awesome since you could make things more relatable and friendly to the user.

Gather up other’s experiences and make it your own.

Lesson 2: Why?

Have you ever ask why some products designed that way?

Everything happens for a reason, and that’s why we need to understand clearly why we’re doing things.

As a designer, you need to deal with people and their needs. Sometimes, what they ask you to do, slightly differs from what they actually need. Another case, they get what they need, but for some reason still not satisfied enough with the design.

By asking why they want or need that product, we as a designer could dig for more information, validate one thing to another, and finally understand what they really mean when they asked us to design something.

If you don’t understand the real reasoning behind their needs, you can’t exactly give them the best solution with your design. It’s also better if you ask them before you start the project. You’ll save more energy, time, or even money in the process.

Ask the “why”, don’t assume.

Lesson 3: Emphaty

We’ve done asking why. What’s next?

Empathy is the ability to understand and share the feelings of another. Empathizing with your client or user, means you get to understand what they really feels about a situation or problem. You might know why they feel angry, but as a designer you also want to know how angry they are.

So, why do we need to know how angry they are?

By asking “why”, you can explore many solutions for your client or user. But, by emphatizing with your user, you can give them the most satisfying feeling when they use that solutions you explored.

The reason is quite simple. If you share the same pain as the user, you’ll also share the same joy when the pain is gone. Constructing the journey to reach that “joyfulness”, is our job as UX designer.

Empathizing is more than understanding.


Learning all of that from 4 months of internship was challenging, but prove to be amazing experiences. That’s one of his story. What’s yours?

If anything comes up, let me catch up to you on LinkedIn. Btw, mine’s

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