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Barbsie Launches ‘Wanted’: NFTs + Physical Art on Blind Boxes

London-based NFT artist Barbsie aka Sereniffty has launched Wanted, an NFT and physical art collection on . This multifaceted creator effortlessly merges fine art, digital art, and blockchain to give birth to something entirely new.

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Barbsie’s artwork has been featured in more than 20 exhibitions and private collections around the world. With an education in the fine arts and a passion for art, she has created an amazing career as a digital and fine art creator.

Since her childhood, she has participated in art competitions, and is a laureate of two international competitions. Today, she has developed a distinct style and has had art exhibited in over 35 countries around the world. Barbsie’s digital art opens up another dimension, using NFTs to enable a new way to share experiences.

The Collection

Previously, Barbsie launched a collection titled on Blind Boxes. Surreal Serenity is about a surreal universe inhabited by beautiful alien creatures. The main character is a cyberpunk astronaut girl with a wild nature. This alternate universe imagined by Barbsie encourages the viewer to open their imagination and get lost in an exciting world of art.

In the new Wanted series, Barbsie released three 1:1 NFTs. Each NFT purchase entitles the owner to receive a full-sized hand painted canvas with free shipping.

← to shop the collection (connect to BSC network to view).

Blind Boxes from this collection cost 1478 BLES each.

Wanted is a unique art project that combines the best of digital and fine art to create a new form of expression. There is something special about this particular project because it brings together two very important aspects of our lives: digital and physical.

Barbsie is a verified Blind Boxes creator. to be a verified creator.

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About Blind Boxes

Blind Boxes is the first gamified NFT marketplace. The marketplace enables users to buy and sell NFTs, collectibles, and rare digital goods.

The platform aims to use the power of mystery, intrigue, and surprise to drive engagement and monetization for both creators and consumers. Artists will be able to sell collections in a mystery box, where buyers don’t know what they will receive until it’s opened.

The platform is growing rapidly, thanks to partnerships with hot new NFT, DeFi, and Play-to-Earn projects. In addition to Barbsie’s collection, there are also collections from artists like Elodene Baker and Reka Nyari.

The Future of NFTs

Blind Boxes has created a new way to experience art. The platform is designed to be engaging for both creators and collectors. This is an exciting development in the world of art, and it will be fascinating to see how artists use this technology going forward.

While NFTs were once limited to the domain of cypberpunks, they’re now entering the realm of fine art. NFTs connect creators with collectors in a way that traditional galleries and collectors couldn’t. NFTs could completely disrupt the art world.

The future of NFTs is bright, and they have the potential to bring artists from all over the world to a single platform, where they can interact with one another. This could lead to a democratization of fine art that we’ve never seen before.

These are exciting times for the art world. Some of the most exciting projects are taking place right now, and they could lead to new ways for artists to sell their work.

NFTs also present an exciting opportunity for investors. Sites like Blind Boxes are opening up a whole new way to collect, trade, and invest in art. This technology has the potential to accelerate the growth of NFTs as an asset class, creating wealth and income opportunities that we’ve never seen before.



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