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BLES Vaults III: Staking, Burning, Airdrops

Today we outline the structure of BLES Vaults III, our token staking program scheduled to go live this month on the Blind Boxes dApp.


  • BLES staking pools go live on May 12, 2022 on Binance Smart Chain
  • Wallets participating in the 120-day pool get automatic whitelisting for projects launching on the platform during their staking period
  • Wallets participating in the 120-day pool will receive periodic airdrops and other perks (per community suggestions)
  • Support for Polygon and other chains will be considered if requested by the community

Stake to Earn BLES

As in our first two staking programs, BLES Vaults I and BLES Vaults II, BLES Vaults III will feature time-gated BLES-only stalking pools and a BLES-BNB-CAKE liquidity pool. In developing the Vaults III we heeded community feedback. Specifically, we are keeping early withdrawal burn mechanics to incentivize long-term staking.

We’ve also added automatic whitelisting for wallets staing in the 120-day pool. This means that whenever new collectibles, metaverse, or P2E projects launch with Blind Boxes, these users will be the first to gain access. We will also offer airdrops and further perks to this group of Hodlers.

BLES Vaults III Details

  • Start date: May 12, 2022
  • Duration: 180 days
  • Total per block rewards: 0.424 BLES
  • Total budget: 219,801.6 BLES
  • Structure: 4 pools
  • APR: automatically determined

Rewards per block: BLES-only Pools

  • Open: 0.05 BLES
  • 60-day lock: 0.05 BLES
  • 120-day lock: 0.05 BLES

Dual asset staking (BLES-BNB-CAKE LP V3)

  • Open: 0.274 BLES per block

Token Burn

If a user withdraws their BLES before the end of their selected staking period, a percent of their funds will be burned. The amount burned will mirror the proportion of the remaining staking period.

Example: Chad has staked BLES in the 120-day pool. If he withdraws after 100 days 16% of the principal token value will be burned.

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Got Feedback?

Share suggestions for this and future staking programs via the BLES Official Trading Channel on Telegram.

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