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Blind Boxes — NFT Art Contest Winners Announced

The Blind Boxes team would like to thank everyone who participated in our first inaugural NFT competition! To Creators, thank you for taking the time to create incredible artwork in this pre-IDO challenge. We were astounded by the talent on offer, and several memes made us roll over with laughter. The time spent sorting out the entries has been entertaining to say the least, yet challenging, as our team has had to deliberate over the best artwork. However we are thrilled to have jointly come to a vote and announce the winners of the art contest.

As mentioned in the previous post, the Creators of the three selected artworks will each receive an allocation of our $BLES tokens as well as have their works included as NFTs in a Special Edition Blind Box release. As a reminder, the three selected winners must have proper KYC verification on the Ignition Platform.

Three additional individuals who followed the contest prompts under the collector’s will receive the top-ranked NFT from the art competition.

Who said Tuesdays have to be boring?

So without much ado, here are the winners (drumroll please!):

Creators — Winners

  1. @NatanaelGinting -

2. @Temova2 -

3. @DerrikFknForeal

Congratulations! You have been $BLESed! If your artwork has been selected, you will be receiving a notification in your Twitter DMs from @blindboxes_io.

Once all winners confirm their participation, their wallet addresses will be whitelisted to the public IDO pool. Please note, if a selected winner does not pass the KYC for the IDO, we will select a runner-up instead.

Once we have verified you have passed KYC on the Ignition PAID Network, please be sure to have your MetaMask wallet address ready so we can transfer your $BLES tokens. To set up a MetaMask wallet, click here.

Collectors — Winners

  1. @ConMdeMelanie-

2. @eddie_hbh -\

3. @felipeaguirre91 -\

Congratulations to all contestants! Selected Collectors, please keep an eye on your Twitter inbox and you’ll be contacted by our team within the next several hours of this announcement.

To receive an NFT, you must have a MetaMask wallet address in order to receive the newly-minted digital collectible in your wallet. To set up a MetaMask wallet, click here.

Please note, due to the necessary steps our team must take to ensure proper handling of the NFTs, this transfer may take up to 3–5 days to be executed.

Lastly, we’d like to thank all who’ve participated for your creative contributions and eager support. Thank you for joining the Blind Boxes community and being a part of this early-stage chapter as we rapidly build.

About Blind Boxes

Blind Boxes aims to be the world’s first gamified aggregator marketplace for limited edition non-fungible tokens (NFTs). The platform offers increased exposure to digital talent, empowering them to package their works with accomplished creators as part of an enviable collection instead of selling it as a single, stand-alone NFT. For collectors, these rare works are accessible in the form of an exciting mystery box — the exact contents of which remain undisclosed until the time they’re unveiled. Thus Blind Boxes combines the ingenuity of a digital creator, with the thrill of a mystery box, and the transparency of a blockchain.

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